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My 2018 Planner Supplies Philippines

One of my most popular posts last year is My 2017 Bullet Journal Supplies Philippines. I decided to share the tools I use to adapt the bullet journal system in my life.

My supplies massively changed this 2018. Not only am I using a Belle de Jour BDJ Planner as my everyday planner, I also added three more notebooks with different functionalities to organize my whole life.

With this, I want to let you know that I will be doing an update of my BDJ Planner set up every now and then to share to you how I use it on a day-to-day basis. This will replace the monthly bullet journal set up I did over the past two years.

Anyhow without further ado I’ll share what I currently use.




As I mentioned earlier, I am using not just one but multiple notebooks to plan and organize my entire life this 2018.

Belle de Jour Power Planner

I was about to use a single planner this year but I received a Belle de Jour Power Planner from my cousin on my birthday.

I don’t want to waste the BDJ Planner so I promised myself to use it as my everyday planner this 2018.

Want to see what’s inside the BDJ Power Planner? CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

What I love about the Belle de Jour Power Planner:
  • Prompts for reflection are available on a yearly and monthly basis
  • Pre-built already so I can easily plan in advance
  • Design is okay, not too girly for my liking
  • High-quality paper

Available on Belle de Jour website and bookstores nationwide.

Price is Php 600.

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted

Because the BDJ Planner doesn’t have any room for rapid logging I still prefer to use a bullet journal alongside. Thankfully, I bought a second Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted last year so I was able to get use of it.

My 2018 Bullet Journal is more of a bank for long term memories. This is where I keep all the yearly planning I had to do such as my big goals for 2018, a list of my needs and wants this 2018, booksto read etc.

I will do a separate post on what’s inside my 2018 Bullet Journal soon.

What I Love about Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted

  • Perfect size for a planner
  • High-quality paper
  • Has built-in pages
  • Dotted!!!
  • Doesn‘t easily bleed through the pages

Available in National Bookstore or Ebay Philippines

Price is Php 1,200.



Mumuso Grid A5 Notebook

I found a cheap but good grid notebook that resembles the Muji planners at Mumuso! It cost me Php 149 only. What a great deal, right?

Inside you have a Monthly Calendar and then the rest are free space to write. I turned this notebook as my Passion Project Planner since I have so many side hustles.

What I love Mumuso Grid A5 Notebook

  • Super affordable. I hoarded this notebook when I first found it!
  • The grids are perfect size for me, not too big and not too small for my handwriting
  • Has zip lock plastic cover to protect it from

Available in Mumuso Ayala Branch

Price is Php 149.

Stradmore Diary A6 Notebook

I have no plan to bring My 2018 Bullet Journal and My Passion Project Notebook with me all the time especially because it defeats the purpose of having my Belle de Jour Power Planner as my daily planner.

But, I need something small and handy to give me direction as I start my week. This led me to buying this Stradmore Diary A6 Notebook.

Let me know in the comment section if you want me to create a post of how I use these four notebooks to organize my life this 2018.

What I love Stradmore Diary A6 Notebook

  • Another affordable notebook.
  • Perfect size, perfect weight, perfect for everyday use!
  • Provides me with a lot of space to plan, rapid log and brain dump.

Available in National Bookstore Price is Php 34.




For the pens I'm still using almost the same from my last year's bullet journal supply. Although I found out a great pen from the brand Uni which I didn't hesitate to add on my supplies. Almost all the pens I use can be bought in National Bookstore!

Pilot G-Tech

To prepare for 2018, I bought a set of Pilot G-Tech 0.4 on Shopee. I have always used Pilot G-Tech to write even in high school and when I thought why not buy a set this year.

One Pilot G-Tech costs Php 73.25 but a set of 10 colors only cost me Php 500. As always the quality of Pilot G-Tech for fine writing is A-MAZ-ING.

What I Love about Pilot G-Tech

  • Perfect for fine writing
  • Has the right intensity when used
  • Available in different colors
  • Easily found

Also available in National Bookstore.

Price is Php 500 per set on Shoppee.

Uni Stylefit 0.38

I follow a Pinay bullet journalist on Instagram and she recommended this Uni Stylefit in 0.38. She has one of the best handwriting (and not to mention bullet journal set up) I know of.

Uni Stylefit is way pricier than the Pilot G-Tech but it was worth it. It is stylish, almost fountain pen looking. Writing whether in cursive or block letters is on point.

Really nice pen to invest with if you are a planner addict.

What I love about Uni Stylefit 0.38

  • Perfect for fine writing
  • Really stylish
  • Will make your handwriting look better/prettier than normal

Available in National Bookstore, pen section.

Price is Php 130 each. Refill is available for Php 75 each.

Uni Pin Fine Line 0.1

I always see this pen on my eldest sister who does great calligraphy but never bother to buy one. But, while I was looking for the Unit Stylefit Pen I randomly saw this, tried and fell in love.

I bought a black and red one to use on My Passion Project Notebook.

What I love about the Uni Pin Fine Line 0.1
  • Both are great pen to use for headers and titles
  • Has longer life compared to Uni Stylefit

Available in National Bookstore, pen section.

Price is Php 65.50 each.



Other Supplies and Must-Haves

Colored Pens. I used colored pens to color-code my tasks and priorities as well as spice up my planners. Currently, I use Dong-A Playon Color Set of 12, one of the most budget-friendly colored pen set I know of and they are dual-ended!

Ruler. Anything will do as long as I have a ruler to use. I can’t really do a straight line without the help of a rule no matter how much I try.

White-Out Tape. I am prone to commit mistakes so I badly needed a white-out tape on my planner supplies. The one I currently use is with the brand King Champion.

Pencil Case. This year, I stopped bringing my big pencil case with me at work. I found a good pencil case to hold every pen supplies I own if I’m traveling or working outside home. I try to bring only the essential pens as much as possible.

Sticker. And because I’m already using a fancy (and girly), I have to invest some money on good planner stickers and other decorations. I highly recommend Mumuso if you are looking for cute stickers. I also bought some of my supplies for decor on the scrapbook section of National Bookstore. 

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