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My 30 Before 30 List

Last November 9, I turned 25.

And the feeling I have right now is much intense than when I turned 18.

I feel like 25 is such a milestone. It’s when things get a little more serious now.

You are not young anymore, but not too old too.

Just the right age to do the right stuff.

I’ve blogged a bucket list before but never age specific so for this post I’ll be doing a 30 before 30 post.

The list I prepared are categorized into three.

I have the things I need to do, the places I want to go and the adventures/memories I want to make.

Hopefully this post will inspire you create your own list too.

Let’s begin!

  1. Take a short course/program. I want to be in school and study again. Either take my Masters or be enrolled in a short course/program where I will sit down in classroom, meet a whole new bunch of people and learn.

  1. Become a minimalist. I’ve always wanted to declutter and live with less stuff. I’ve been reading a bunch of minimalist lifestyle blogs like The Minimalists and A Considered Life and I appreciate so much the simplicity of their life. Slowly, I want to transition my lifestyle to more of a minimalist, or someone who is living and purchasing with intention. Literally purge as many items as I can before 30.

  1. Go to the gym. I honestly have never been into a gym, like actual gym in my entire life. And before 30 I really wanted to take fitness seriously just like my eldest sister. If given the extra cash I want to enroll myself in a gym, be fit and lose my belly fat, haha.

  1. Run 5k. In relation to list #3 I want to run my first real 5k marathon before 30. I’ve joined a 3k fun run before (and even won an aircon during the raffle) but it wasn’t anything serious. We just walked halfway instead of run.

  1. Travel alone. My trip to Palawan for my birthday was supposed to be a solo travel. However, I backed out of the idea months before the trip. I felt like I was not that ready to do my first solo travel yet. Hopefully, I achieve this goal before 30 and I am eyeing a different country instead.

  1. Explore IndoChina. This is a huge travel bucket list for me for years. I’ve always been fascinated about backpacking and cross-country exploration so before 30 I want to do one too. I would love to have my eldest sister with me in this trip. My goal will be exploring Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos in a week or 10 days perhaps.

  1. Go to Disneyland. I’m not much into theme parks and rides but I do want to go to Disneyland. It would be a great way to relive childhood dreams. For this goal I’d like to bring my family with me especially my parents and youngest sister.

  1. Visit Iceland. Here’s another extreme bucket list. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful photos about Iceland that makes me want to go there myself. I want to bathe at the Blue Lagoon and see the Northern Lights. This is such a huge activity to do in the next five years but why not, right?

  1. Touch snow. I want to experience snow for the first time. I know it’s just ice and it would most definitely feel cold but to actually touch it in person would be a big accomplishment for me. I’ve always wondered how snow is in real life.

  1. Spend Fall/Autumn in South Korea. I’ve been to South Korea last May but during the Spring Season. I’ve heard countless times how good the Fall/Autumn in South Korea is so I want to go back again. I hope to come back with Nica too.
Photo from Unsplash

  1. Travel with my cousin Shannen. Shan has always been my closest cousin and much to a best friend to me. We’ve talked about traveling together before but still can’t  goal happen. I am hoping to do this before we both get married.

  1. Read all Harry Potter Books. This is another recurring goal of mine way back 2016. I’ve done a marathon of the entire movie before and I know reading the whole book series is something I want to accomplish too.

  1. Sell my own product. Another big goal of mine is to sell my own product whether in digital or actual form. I’ve always wanted to write and sell an ebook about personal finance, a planner and other swags as well.

  1. Be published or appear on mainstream media. I’ve somehow achieved this when my picture was shown at an ipon episode of AHA!, a show hosted by Drew Arellano. But my name was not mentioned and I appeared only for a second of the clip. Before 30, I am hoping to get a major appearance on any mainstream media – magazine or TV interview. 

  1. Take a Strengthsfinder Exam. Last month, I attended a leadership seminar and realized how important it is to know one's strength. For this reason, I’d like to invest in taking my own Strength Find Exam with a certified Gallup Strengths coach.

  1. Host my own birthday party. I think it’s nice to host my own birthday party even once in my lifetime. Haha. I like to rent a venue where my family and friends could go to and we can play random party games and so on. The age I am eyeing for this is 27 or 29.

  1. Be in a KPop Concert. When BTS went here last year for a concert, I lined up to get a ticket. Sadly, naubusan ako and I wasn’t able to watch my boys live L I’ve always been a KPop fan and it would be nice to watch my first concert for an Idol I adore before 30. Currently, I am in love with NUEST W and if ever they come here in Manila for a concert I would like to finally be in it.

  1. Learn how to ride a bike. This is a shame but yes, I don’t know to ride a bike. This has been in my bucket list for forever and I want to check this off as early as possible.

  1. Learn how to swim. Another skill I want to tick off is learning how to swim. This can be challenging as I am already 25 but I still want to ace this goal.

  1. Watch a musical play live. I still remember how happy I was when I watched my first ever concert, the Madrigal Choral Concert back in 2016. It was such a memorable experience on my part and had me wishing I get a chance to watch too a Tony Award winning musical next. Among my picks are Les Miserables, Frozen and Lion King.
Photo from Unsplash


  1. Organize a family photoshoot. This is another goal of mine and something I want to achieve as soon as possible. My family has not been in an actual photoshoot before and this is something I want to do for them.

  1. Volunteer for a cause. I’ve volunteered before in High School for our Values Education subject but not really now that I’m already working. I think it would be awesome act to do as a way of giving back.

  1. Get a full body massage. I’ve never experienced a full body massage ever and it’s something I’m looking forward to do once a year. It could be a good way to destress and reward myself every now and then.

  1. Be part of a ball. I’ve never had a prom or a ball ever in my life. My alma mater back in High School didn’t allow us to have a JS Prom so having an escort, wearing a gown and dancing all glammed up is something I’ve never done ever. Hopefully, before 30 I can be invited into one.

  1. Get a YouTube Play Button. I’m back doing videos on YouTube and this time I plan to make valuable videos, to be consistent and to really do better. A great goal I want to achieve now that I’ve made a comeback is to achieve 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and get a YouTube Play Button. I know this is such an ambitious goal to set but I’m so pumped up to do my best to achieve this.

  1. Get my milia removed. I have a severe case of milia around my eye area. At first, I didn’t mind having them but now I feel different already. Having them removed all at once will cost me so much money so my plan is to do it per milia instead.

  1. Venture in a physical business. I would like to invest and own a physical business in the future, whether a sari-sari store or a franchise.

  1. Have my own place. I really see myself moving out before 30 and living indepently. This is also part of my financial goals I want to hit 30. Moving out is such a strong sign of  growing up and probably a milestone purchase for everyone.

  1. Finish reading the whole Bible. The Bible is more than just an ordinary book. It is the very Word of God, a means to know Him better and to feed our soul and heart. I’ve reading and studying the Bible using SOAP Method and I hope to do it for the entire books of the Bible.

  1. Fall in love. This needs no explanation but God willing I would want to fall in love and be in a relationship after years of singlehood.

That's it for my list. Have you ever made your own bucket list? 


  1. Go go go StrengthsFinder :) very helpful indeed :)

    1. Thank you Grace! Will do and update in case I was able to do it!

  2. I admire your strength for claiming your dreams! Thanks for inspiring! I wish I have that attitude and mindset when I was at your age😁. Sail bow and make your dreams happen!😇

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