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10 Things to Try and Do while You're Still Single

Happy February everyone!

Last year, I did a Valentine’s season post focusing on what it means being Single and Waiting at 25. This year,  I thought of sharing the 10 things to try and do while you're still single.


Go on a solo trip

This is actually part of my 30 before 30 bucket list as well. Going on a solo trip provides anyone with a different kind of achievement.

And it is perceived as an incredibly liberating experience having the freedom to do exactly what you want to do, when you want. 

Once you become in a relationship, priorities become different and so is your finances. Everything has to be a decision made by you and your significant other. There may be arguments, compromises and worries in between which makes the idea of travel really difficult. 

Let’s be honest. Traveling costs money. 

It’s great to see as many parts of the world as you can while you still have the time, energy and resources as a single person. 

Traveling alone gives you so much self discovery. You’ll have a better understanding of yourself and a clearer view of what you enjoy. And you will never forget your first trip alone. It is a memory you will keep forever. 

Although I haven't traveled solo, here are some of my travel diaries for your future reference:

Cook a decent meal for a group or family

Remember the Filipino saying when did cook something delicious?

“Uy, pwede ng mag-asawa!”

And that’s exactly the point why being able to cook a decent meal for a group or family is part of this list. 

You want to try and be a better partner in the future by honing your cooking skills. Maximize your weekends by volunteering to cook meals for your family. Search for easy recipes online and try them. From the Filipino dish classics like Adobo, Chicken Curry, Nilaga and Sinigang to a rather experimental food you can serve even to your friends or co-workers.


I am one proud investor at the young age of 19. 

Although it was one impulsive move in the beginning, I finally realized I made the best decision ever. Seeing my money work for me and not against me is A-MAZ-ING.

While you are still single it’s nice to save up and invest money you can call your own. There is so much you can save while you’re still single because there are a lot fewer responsibilities on your shoulder. 

Treat your singleness as your wealth accumulation stage and start investing your money!

Buy a luxury piece 

Once you have your investments built, it’s time for some treat. Reward yourself with your first ever luxury piece. 

Whether it be a bag, a shoe or any other accessory you’ve been dreaming of owning, buy it without guilt. This is another way you can invest in yourself. 


I can still remember my first every hike. 

It was both a thrilling and exciting moment for me at the same time. Climbing mountains taught me many valuable lessons. I even shared them in this post.

Hiking a mountain allows you to see breathtaking views, wonderful sceneries, and thrilling adventures. The uphill and downhill journey will make you realize the beautiful journey called life.

You might fall, get bruises here and there but there’s nothing that can compare to the happiness you’ll feel as soon as you reach the top.


Maintain a diary

I don’t know about you but I enjoy writing in a diary. For me it is a therapeutic way to deal with your personal emotions at the end of the day. And the art of journaling or keeping a diary is much more significant when you are single. 

As you deal with the season of waiting for the “one” you’ll encounter the hustle and bustle of life in general. And a diary can help you process your thoughts and emotions whether it be your highlights and lowlights. 

Do a daring hairstyle

The singleness stage is also a great time to experiment with your hair. Do as much (and as extreme) of a change without worrying as to what other people will say or how they will react. 

If you’ve always wanted a pixie hair, do it. If you’ve always wanted to go all out red, blue or blond, do it! Take a fearless leap from the typical hairstyle you do and be comfortable in doing something new. 

Have as many hobbies as you want

Another thing you can try or do while you’re still single is to have as many hobbies as you want. Hobbies are important to bring us joy and enrich our lives and gives us the opportunity to learn new skills. 

Blogging, for example, started only as a hobby for me. I write what’s on my mind and what I’ve read from others or online. After years of actively blogging as a hobby, opportunities opened for me. 

It led me to attending events, receiving PR packages, meeting new people and such. Soon, blogging became more than a hobby. It changed my life forever. 

Having multiple hobbies is never a waste of time. We all have enough passions and interests in life.  Spend your waiting season wisely by finding out which suits you best. 

Be in relationship with yourself 

For us to love another human being, we need to be in love with ourselves as well. A relationship with yourself is extremely important especially in a season of waiting. It’s all about self-care and self-love.

Truly learn about yourself deeper, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, and what makes you angry. Love yourself like how you’ve always wanted to be loved. Create a bucket list you can check off from time to time that caters to what you enjoy the most. Be appreciative of your own efforts and your own beauty. 

Encourage yourself to be the best version of yourself every single day.

Once you love and accept all aspects of your life, including your flaws and inhibitions, you will live life better than yesterday. And this different kind of love results in confidence that will just radiate to every corner of the room. It will make you irresistible. 


Deepen your relationship with God

Last but most certainly not the least important thing to do while you’re still single is to deepen your relationship with God. 

For so long since I’ve been reached out, I felt like there’s this unwanted hole in my heart. I have so much baggage I carry every single day, so much insecurities. I remember crying every single night just to fall asleep.

And then in 2018, I received an answer from a much long prayer, spiritual growth. As I became more in love with Jesus, as I got to know His ways, and get deeper in my relationship with Him something has changed within me.  Something is not the same.

I felt so much happier and felt so much lighter. 

Having a growing, thriving relationship with God will surely change your life too.  


I said this last year and I say it again. 

I am right where God wants me to be at the moment - single and waiting.

And as to how long, only God knows.

For now I can be happy and continuously grow as a human being. My singlehood is a great season to serve Him best, to fulfill my goals, to travel, to serve my parents, to grow (and spend) my money and many more.

Faith should overcome fear. Valentine's day will pass by, but God's love will remain forever.

Just excited for what my next season will be.

No matter how long it takes.

Are you embracing your singlehood?

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