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Goodbye January, Hello February 2020

It's time to recap what happened for the month of February 2020 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

January felt like the longest month of the year. So much has happened in such a short period of time. Mostly sad and chaotic. 

It was the month that the Taal volcano erupted, the Coronavirus outbreak happened, and Kobe Bryant’s sudden death. 

Personally, I made some great memories in January 2020. I had dinner with my sisters, a reunion with my high school friends, a bonding with Coffee Monday barkada, and attended a number of church events. This month, I also started a new One2One, Jessa.

Anyway, enough of this long introduction. Let’s begin the monthly recap:

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New Year’s Day Gala

It has already been a tradition for the family to go out together on the first day of the New Year. We went to Robinsons Magnolia, played games at Timezone and have coffee together.

Amazing Grace: 2020 Prayer, Fasting and Concentration Week

Every new year, we hold this week of prayer, fasting and concentration at church. For 2020, the theme is Amazing Grace. We are encouraged to reflect on the amazing grace of God that we receive through our Savior Jesus Christ. 

This is not my first time doing the fast. In 2018, I participated in the Mid-Year Prayer, Fasting and Concentration Week by giving up coffee, social media and heavy meal. It was surely a life-changing event and something that provided an added layer of faith in my life.

You can read about my fasting experience here.

Dinner and Movie Night with my sisters

One random Saturday, my eldest sister invited us to watch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker together. I hesitated for a bit, but realizing how I put “relationship” and “building memories” as my goals for the year made me change my mind.

It was my second time watching  Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the movie still didn’t disappoint. I was happy watching it for the second time around since I missed a good 15 minutes of the movie during the first time I watched it.

Before the movie, we bonded over dinner at Nanbantei Tokyo. We had a sumptuous meal. I specifically loved the grilled salmon head my eldest sister ordered. It was mouth-watering. 

First Metro Eco Briefing 2020

They very first big event at work I attended was the First Metro Eco Briefing at Grand Hyatt BGC. It was an annual event wherein panelists from different financial sectors gathered to share a review of what happened in the market in the past year and what the outlook will be for the new year. 



Reunion with my High School Friends

After the event at BGC, I went straight to Frankies to meet up with my high school friends. Jevi, the one who introduced me to climbing mountains, is moving to Australia. We arranged a send-off party for her.

I am always in a good mood whenever I am with my high school friends. They are just the best people ever. Those I can really tell my story with, what’s bothering me, etc. We have this deep connection that even though we don’t meet all the time, we know we have a friend in each other.

Part of me is sad that Jevi is living, but there’s also a huge chunk of me that feels so proud and excited on what God has planned for her life. 

I will never forget all the climbing we did together from Mt. Manabu, Mt. Daraitan to our latest twin-day hike at Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola

Leaders Convergence 2020

I am blessed to start the year with this event. It was my second year to attend Leaders’ Convergence. 

Leaders Convergence is the gathering of active leaders and interns for a time of worship, prayer, learning, and knowing what’s going to happen in 2020 for Victory Makati.

We had Bishop Juray Mora who gave us a wonderful preaching on the value of earnestly preaching, praying and connecting other to God. He referenced the story of Jesus heals a Paralyzed Man (Mark 2:1-12). He asked us to think about the very people who, just like the four men who carried the paralyzed man and opened the roof to see Jesus, did not give. 

In our walk, there are people who prayed for us to be saved. For us to know and accept Christ. 

Those very people who connected us to God. 

I have shared my testimony story before and true enough, God used specific people to point me in His direction. I am eternally thankful for the very people I met whom encouraged me and walked alongside with me in my spiritual journey.

After Bishop Mora, Victory Makati Lead Pastor, Pastor Dennis shared to us tips when it comes to engaging a new church goer. We were empowered as leaders in terms of asking the right question, sharing the message of faith and more. 
I am thankful for the opportunity to engage with my intern Arevalo. I am excited about the new level of faith she will have. I also bonded with my leader, Ms. Mau. 

Victory Group Wednesdays

I am currently leading a Victory Group. And I’ve witnessed God’s faithfulness in the group this 2020 as early as now. We are growing in numbers, with the addition of Jessa (my current One2One who will celebrate her Victory Weekend in February) but also in faith. 

For past Victory Group Wednesdays we spent together, I am amazed by how God is moving in the heart of everyone. 

I am beyond excited walking in faith knowing I am never alone. 

My heart is beaming.

Lunch with Cata and Dinner with Gio and Joseph

The Coffee Monday Barkada had a mini-reunion on two separate occasions.

First was the Friday dinner plus milk tea session with Gio and Joseph. Since Cata was still at work, I met him for a late lunch after the Leaders Convergence instead.

I am always thankful for the friends I have in my life. Even though we don’t meet all the time, whenever we do, we just laugh non-stop. There’s always a topic we can talk about. A story we can reminisce together. 

All the love for my Coffee Monday Barkada so much!

Victory Makati Volunteers General Assembly

Before the month of January ended, I joined the general assembly for Victory Makati Volunteers. I am happy to be recommitting and Comms Ministry has always been the ministry of my prayers. 

I love meeting new people at church and glad we actually had new volunteers this year. I am also happy how each of my Victory Group members are volunteering as well. 

January 2020 Favorites

Beauty - To be honest, my skin is not in its best condition for the past couple of weeks. Thankfully, I discovered this Luxe Organix Rosewater Glow Mist with Witch Hazel Extract and it is helping calm my skin before makeup.  I love how gentle the mist is when sprayed plus how nice it smells. 

Because my skin is currently suffering and sensitive I switched to Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser as my everyday face cleanser. Of course, I am still in love and thankful for my heavy-duty L’oreal Infallible Concealer for being reliable at times when I needed to put some makeup on. 

Movie or Show - I spent almost a week with my sister during the holidays and one Netflix show we watched that got me hooked was Lost Hearts. It is actually a Filipino Teleserye, Pusong Ligaw starring Beauty Gonzales, Joem Bascon, Bianca King, Raymond Bagatsing, Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga.

Song - Before 2019 ended, I fell in love with Billie Eillish. Such great songs. I also am enjoying Psycho by Red Velvet and OMG by Winner.



Looking Forward Next Month

Victory Weekend

Attending Victory Weekend as a leader instead of a participant was such a monumental event for my life. For the third time, I have a Victory Weekend participant. The first Victory Weekend of 2020 will happen on February 7 and 8.

More Church Events

There are two more church events happening in February - Save a Date and Discipleship 2020. It will be my first time to attend Save a Date and my second time for Discipleship 2020. 

That’s it for January 2020.

How’s your January 2020?

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