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My Non-Beauty Wish List (Prada, FILA Disruptor, Jo Malone, etc.)

Hi everyone! I’ve been pretty much missing-in-action for the month of December. I already missed a lot of posting days this month

Anyway, for today’s post I will be sharing all of my current non-beauty wish list. I’ve listed all from bags, shoes to random accessories I want to own someday. Let’s begin.


Prada Multi Pochette Bag

I want to start this wish list with the bags. The Prada Multi Pochette Bag is just a great streetwear, everyday bag that I would like to own someday. I know the price point of this bag is too much and I’d probably can’t afford it in the next 1-2 years. But I wanted to reserve the bag as a gift for myself for reaching an important milestone. Turning 30 for example although the mag may seem too much already for my age by that time. Haha. 

But I am soooo in love with this bag from its color, style to its hardware.


Prada Boho Baguette

Aside from the Multi Pochette, I also love this baguette. It’s one of the YouTube-made-me-buy-it items on this list having seen the bag mostly on YouTubers I watch like Toni Sia, Ry Velasco and Ashley Sandrine Yap. 

It’s like a nice bag to wear on a quick errand whether it be work-related to personal. It’s also classic enough to be worn on date nights. It’s such a lovely bag.


Kate Spade Double Zipper Work Bag

This bag is such a perfect bag for the office. It’s black which makes it easy to wear anywhere for those who are like me who commute. I also love how it will work whether on a casual work outfit, uniform or any other outfit. 

Coach or Kate Spade Card Holder

Last on my bag wish list is either a Coach or a Kate Spade Card Holder. I’m not a ma-wallet type and don’t really need a fancy wallet to function. But, for cards I do love to have something sleek and classic. Both Coach and Kate Spade release beautiful designs for their card holders within my budget. 

Here are a few of the designs I’m choosing from:

FILA Disruptor Shoes

For some reason I fell in love with how the FILA Disruptor shoes looks like. I love how they look cool yet you can still wear it on different outfits. It gives you additional height which I really need since I’m only 5’1. 


Nike Slides

I tried the Nike Slides of my sister and it makes me want to buy one. It's super lightweight, and has a soft foam midsole that makes it ideal for walks. I really like the Nike Benassi JDI Slide because it has the bold Nike design but won’t ruin a look. It can go well with a dress, shorts or pants. I want a pair of slippers I can use when I don’t want to wear shoes but still look prepared. 

Chloe Perfume

I’ve always longed to buy myself an actual perfume. It’s such an adulting purchase to be honest. I  saw a video of Rei Germar where she mentioned that this Chloe Perfume smells amazing for an affordable price. 

Jo Malone Perfume 

This is the ultimate goal for me when it comes to perfume. I had tried the Jo Malone perfume as inspired versions on bazaars and it really smells A-MAZ-ING! I also remember visiting a Jo Malone store in it’s Conrad Manila boutique and it’s such an experience.

Silk Sleepwear 

Another random wish list for me but I just like how they look. I wanted pairs of silk sleepwear I can use every now and then. 

More Uniqlo Basics Clothes

I also want to upgrade my wardrobe and either donate or throw clothes I don’t wear anymore. I bought Uniqlo round-neck shirts for sale before and they’ve been the most wearable items in my closet since then. I realized how important buying quality items is especially when it comes to clothes. 

Invest in accessories

Another thing that I'd like to achieve is to have a mini jewelry collection. I want to accessorize more my outfits.

That’s it for my current non-beauty wish list. What I want is to set a desired amount that I will save per quarter and see which of the above items I can already afford. It would mean every quarter I can spend my money on my non-beauty wants without regret. 

I know my list may seem too little or too much  for some but I really love each of the items I listed. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!


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