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How to Prepare for the New Year

With almost four days left till New Year, a lot of you may be thinking of ways you can prepare for the coming year. 

And here today I made a list of the best productivity and motivational posts I have created here on IzzaGlinoFull to prepare you for the new year.

On Bullet Journal

If you’re into Bullet Journaling you may want to take a look at my past spreads for 2020. There may be one to two templates you will be able to use in planning for your 2021 spreads.

2020 Bullet Journal

March 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

April 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

May 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

June 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

July 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

August 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

September 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

November 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up


On Being Productive

For those who are looking for productivity posts to binge read then you are in for a treat. Here are some of the posts I made about being productive.

How to Create Your Own Productive Routine

How to Minimize Procrastination Using Pomodoro Technique

How I Plan for a New Month

How to Plan Your Week for Success

How to Stick to Your Goals

5 Powerful Weekend Habits

On Achieving Personal Growth

In 2020, I made a pact to nurture my own personal growth. It’s an unending process to learn so much about it and apply as much as I can. I’m very passionate about personal growth. I enjoy establishing routines and systems that will help me grow as a person. And these were some of the posts that may help you:

25 Powerful Quotes on Personal Growth

7 Ways to Spark Your Personal Growth

How to Get Motivated when You Feel Tired and Lazy

7 Things To Do Every Night Before Bed

On Work From Home 

By March 2020, a sudden announcement of lockdown took place. This forced a lot to work from home. Thus, we all wanted to stay productive and make most of the new found time we have. I created two posts on working from home during quarantine you may want to read:

7 Simple Activities for a Better Work Day during Quarantine

How to Create a  Work From Home Routine

5 Habits I’ve Been Keeping since Quarantine Began

40 Productive Things to do During Lockdown

That’s it for today’s post. Thank you for reading.

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