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Recent Watsons Haul (Luxe Organix, Watsons Cold-Pressed Soap, Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser)

Today I will be doing a quick Watsons Haul. Finally, there’s a Watsons store near where I live which

opened recently. 

Let’s begin.

Luxe Organix Soothing Gel (Php 109)

First thing I picked up was a new Luxe Organix Soothing Gel. I already emptied what I bought last

February and I needed a new one for my current skincare routine. 

As I mentioned before, my skin very much loves aloe vera gel, especially the one from Mumuso.  I

found this Luxe Organix Soothing Gel to be the closest I can get since there is no Mumuso branch

near me. Thankfully, it worked wonders for my skin too.  The tiny bumps on my forehead disappeared

in continuous use. I decided to buy one more travel size pack since I love its effect on my skin. 

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Watsons Love My Skin Brightening Cold-Pressed Soap (Php 71)

Next thing I bought was the Watsons Love My Skin Brightening Cold-Pressed Soap. I saw this on the

shelf of Watsons and got curious with the term “cold-pressed soap” in the packaging. 

According to the box cold-pressed soap enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the

soap which help retain skin moisture levels. This prevents dryness, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

It’s also free from silicone, alcohol, paraben, SLS, mineral oil, and lanolin. 

The Watsons Love My Skin Cold-Pressed Soap is available in two variants - Nourishing and

Brightening. The Nourishing Cold-Pressed Soap on the other hand has Coconut and Shea Butter Extract.  

I got Brightening which is infused with Tomato and Papaya Extract. I haven’t opened the box yet as I

plan to create a separate post about it soon. I am excited on how effective a cold-pressed soap is

especially with two key ingredients that are both known for skin whitening. 

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Neutrogena Deep Clean Foam Cleanser (Php 225)

Another item I already emptied from my current skincare routine is my face cleanser. I’ve been using

the Luxe Organix AHA BHA Miracle Solutions Cleanser since October last year and I’m finally through with it. Don’t get me wrong I do love the Luxe

Organix AHA BHA Miracle Solutions as my everyday cleanser. However, I feel like I needed to

go back with the foam cleanser that gives a squeaky clean feeling. 

I looked for the COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser at Watsons but they don’t carry it in

the store. As I was browsing from cleanser to cleanser I realized I haven’t actually tried Neutrogena

as a brand. I was surprised that their 100g cleanser is only priced at Php 225 so I gave in and bought


The Neutrogena Deep Clean Foam Cleanser is pure glycerin based foam cleanser which is said to

remove 99.9% of dirt and impurities. It is non-comedogenic, oil-free, and dermatologist-tested.

Lastly, it promises to give back a nourished glow to skin.

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Thank you for reading this quick Watsons Haul. Hope you are staying safe and sound during the

extended Enhanced Community Quarantine. 

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