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4 Self-Help Books You Should Read

Care for a list of self-help books recommendations? Today I will be sharing four books you should read if you want to improve your life. From making habits that last, time management to tidying your home, these books will definitely help you.

Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Better Than Before is all about our daily habits and how we can improve them. 


I love how Gretchen was able to explain the concept of building habits. She introduced concepts that will help you realize who you are as a person and how these identifiers can affect how we deal with building habits of our own. 


She also recommended, through the book, the importance of working on your goal, no matter how you might feel on the inside. What we have full control of is our behavior towards what we are aiming for in life. Eventually, all the seeds you planted towards your goal will flourish.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

Who doesn’t know Marie Kondo, right? When I first heard and watched how the KonMari Method is done, I knew I wanted to get a copy of the book and keep it. Sadly, the price for a new book is around Php 900 and I don’t see a reason to spend that much for a book that already has tons of articles and videos about it.

But on a random scrolling on Instagram I actually found the book for sale and it’s in this simple white cover for only Php 250. This book has been one of my prized possessions in this copy of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying offers Marie Kondo’s unique style of decluttering. Some parts you kind of feel off about her ways but in many parts she is on point! I love how she shares stories of her life as well as the importance of tidying. The book includes all tips from discarding items, tidying your stuff by category, and proper storage.


Getting Things Done by David Allen

Productivity holds a big space in my heart. I love whenever my day is productive or I finish each of the tasks I’m supposed to accomplish. Ticking my to-do list provides me with a sense of fulfillment different from anything in this world.

I bought and read Getting Things Done by David Allen way back in 2014 and it offers such an amazing insight on time management. David Allen is a veteran coach and management consultant who introduces simple but powerful productivity methods. Reading this book will transform how you work and live. 

Some of the important lessons you’ll learn includes:

  • Workflow on organizing 

  • Importance of a someday/maybe list 

  • What weekly review is and how to do it

  • How to plan and work on your projects

The book is divided into three parts - Part 1 is The Art of Getting Things Done, Part 2 is Practicing Stress-Free Productivity and Part 2 is The Power of Key Principles.

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Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold

This book is part of my Big Bad Wolf Books 2019 haul. 

Small Move, Big Change is a complete guide to turning your broad personal goals to meaningful changes that will help you accomplish a permanent life improvement. This book focuses on micro resolution or small changes that can lead to big changes. 

The book is divided into two parts - Part 1 is about the seven rules of microresolutions and Part 2 is microresolutions in action. 

For someone like me who enjoys self-development A LOT this book is filled with insights that will show how you live every single day of your life. It offers solutions on sleep, fitness, diet and nutrition, clutter, relationships, spending, punctuality, and organization. Areas I personally need to work on more. 

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I used to rely so much on productivity and self help books. I love adding learning especially when it comes to managing time, achieving goals and making better money choices.

What’s your favorite productivity or self help book so far?⁣

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