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Goodbye May, Hello June 2021

It's time to recap what happened for the month of May 2021 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

The month of May went by too fast in my opinion. Literal na lumipad lang yung buong buwan.I missed so many of the goals and plans I had for the month which is sad. I felt unproductive and in a continuous slump. 

The main reason for this is because I experienced three long weeks of no internet connection. I rely so much on the internet to do my work and my side hustles and without that stable connection, I feel off. It was a mess calling my internet provider almost every single day for updates. 

Thankfully, this was already resolved and I got upgraded to a Fiber plan now. 

With that off the table, let’s move on with my highlights for May 2021.


Spending a full week with my sister

Due to my lack of internet connection, I had to live with my sister for a week. Nagpakup-kop ako dahil ang laki na ng gastos ko sa load for data. Also, I badly need a stable connection to cope with work stuff and appear in a speaking engagement. 

Whenever I’m at my Ate’s place, I treat it as a vacation. It’s a time I can relax with my routines or even my budget. Before my last day, we went to the mall and I shopped for new makeup. 

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Living Alone Diaries Continues

I had my first monthsary of living alone last May 10. I can say that I’m over the blues especially since my parents already have their own internet. This enabled us to chat more and update each other compared to April when they were in quarantine and had no internet. 

I can say that I am adjusting fairly with my living alone situation. I had my first bill payment and my electric bill went surprisingly lower from Php 1500 to  Php 600. With that, and the reimbursement I had with my internet provider I had to pay roughly Php 1600 in total for my electricity, phone, and water bills. That’s a lot of savings. 

Truly, His provision over this new chapter is evident. 

Speaking Engagements and Calamansi App Guestings

For May, I had two speaking engagements and both are for schools. Grateful to have shared what I know on personal finance with students. 

I also had an opportunity to do guestings for Calamansi App. Calamansi is a new type of social media based on voice. You can do live audiocast and I became one of the guests on Female Network’s Usapang Pera. 


Zoom Dates with the Fam and Friends

Of course the month won’t be complete without Zoom calls with the family. So happy whenever we are complete. My niece is growing up so fast and she’s soooo beautiful. I am excited to meet her again. She’s just two months old but she’s already big and cuddly. 

I also had a catch up with Nica and my other Coffee Monday Barkada, Gio. We were all fans of Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother so as a bonding, we took online trivia quizzes on both shows. 

Zoom date with the family. Love days like this when we are all complete. 
Look at my baby niece, isn't she a cutie? 

Another month of quick catch up with Nica and Gio!

On Site Victory Makati Service

I was privileged to be part of the by invitation only on site service of Victory Makati. It was my first time visiting the church facility since February last year. To be with the church community  even though we were socially distant was reassuring. I also met Sir Carlo Ople and Ms. Michelle Orosa-Ople and got to take a photo with them. A-MAZ-ING.

Got a photo with Mr. Carlo and Mrs. Michelle Ople. 
Di na talaga nakaya na mag-socially distant in taking a photo, sanay na magkaka-tabi.  

30 Days of Book Recommendation

For May, I decided to take part in a new 30 days challenge and it’s about book recommendations. For 30 days, since May 1 I shared book recommendations on Instagram. 

Over the years, I have read a number of good books worthy of recommendation. I love how the challenge went and even received some positive feedback. 

You can find my past 30 Day Book Recommendation Challenge on my Instagram’s Story Highlight for reference. 

Personal Growth Update

Sadly, my personal growth was so low for the month of May 2021. As mentioned I was too lazy most days not even wanting to get out of my bed! I was sleeping on my alarm and didn’t really have that consistent morning routine. 

I am hoping to get back on track this June. 

Five months have passed and I’m stuck on book number 4. I need to do a lot of catching up for my 2021 reading challenge

Lastly, I only did 11 workouts for the month of May  with an average of 14 minutes per workout. This is way below than the last two months. 


May 2021 Favorites


Beauty - For the month of May, I didn’t try out any new skincare products so I’ll pass on this for now.


Movie or Show - For May 2021, I spent time watching Friends. I started from where I left a year ago and was able to finish the whole 10 seasons. The show was so good. I have episodes I like, those I really like, and episodes where I hated Rachel Green. I finished the show just in time for the Friends Reunion that happened on May 27. If you watched the whole Friends show, it’s a must that you see the reunion. 


Song - For May, I haven’t had any new songs on replay. 


Looking Forward Next Month


Can’t believe it’s already June. We are now halfway to the year of 2021. It seems only yesterday when I posted my 2020 recap.


For June, I would really want to get out of the rut. I need to finally get things done as I’ve been spending so much of my days on lazy mode. I may be getting back to work on site by mid-June which means I really need to do my blog and business tasks as advanced as possible. 


My prayer, as always, is for the month of June to be another productive month. What would make the month a success if I’m able to do all my blog tasks in advance. 


That’s it for June 2021.


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