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My 2021 Reading Goals


Today I’m sharing my 2021 reading goals. 

I think this is the first time I’m actually this kind of post. I haven’t really shared a reading goal before apart from the yearly reading challenge I do on Goodreads.

But, this 2021 I am committed to make reading books sort of a priority. I want to read more books and I want to retain as much information as I can to every book I read this year. 

So without further ado let’s begin.


Read 20 books

Since 2018 I joined Goodread Challenges to motivate myself to read more books. But every single year, I fell short of my target. I wanted 2021 to be the year I’m finally gonna accomplish my reading challenge. 

I set myself to read 20 books which will give me a lot of allowance on the number of books I have to finish every month. If I can finish at least 2 books a month that would be a total of 24 books, way ahead of my target. But because I know myself, I thought I’ll just set it to 20 since I haven’t really read that much before. 

You can follow the progress of My 2021 Reading Challenge here. 

Track my reading in a journal

Something I’ve always wanted to do is to record every book I read in a year. I saw posts and videos about reading journals and it motivated me to start my own. So for 2021, part of my reading goal is to maintain  a reading journal and track all of my readings. 

I will be doing a different post on how I set up my reading journal soon. 

Finish a new book series

One of my proudest reading experiences so far was when I finished the Harry Potter Series. It has been part of my 30 before 30 list and when I had my first visit to Big Bad Wolf Books I didn’t miss the chance to buy the whole set. 

I started reading the series in 2019 and only finished it last year. And wow, what a great feeling it has been. 

And so for 2021, I want to finish a new book series. Actually, I want to make it a yearly reading goal to finish a book series even if it’s in the young adult category. 

This year my goal is to finish the Lord of the Rings book series. Let’s see. :)

Continue posting book-related content on Instagram

Another reading goal of mine for 2021 is to continue posting book-related content on Instagram. If you follow me on Instagram I’ve been posting book-related content every now and then.  I find joy in sharing my current reads as well as my favorite reads on Instagram. 

Buy only one (1) new book

Among all of the reading goals I have this year, this is definitely the hardest to accomplish. But for 2021, I am limiting myself to buying only one (1) new book for the whole year. 

The reason for this is because I looked at my bookshelf and found a lot of books I bought and/or gifted to me years ago that I haven’t really read. And so, I’d like to spend this year going through these said books and read them. 

I was about to do a no spend year for books but I really wanted to get my hands on Jan Krakauer’s Into the Wild. I had a great reading experience on my first Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air which depicts the story of the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster. I know this book by Krakauer will not disappoint. 

That’s it for my 2021 reading goals. I hope this inspires you to set some goals for yourself. If you want to read the other goals I have for 2021, click here

What are your reading goals this 2021?


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