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September 2022 Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup

Today I’m sharing my September 2022 Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup.

I think this will be the very first time this year that I’ll be sharing what’s inside my minimalist bullet journal. If you read my 2022 Mid-Year Life Update you’ll know how drastic the changes in my life have been lately. I wasn’t publishing anything new even with my personal blog.

Bullet journaling will always be part of my life. It helped me organize my thoughts and manage my to-do lists. Of course keeping a bullet journal can be tough sometimes but rewarding at the end of the day. Should you need more bullet journal inspirations, follow me on Instagram.

Now let’s go to the bullet journal set up.

September 2022 Calendar

I changed my bullet journal monthly calendar for September 2022 and followed this setup from @nitly.sketching on Instagram. It follows the original monthly calendar designed by Ryder Caroll which is a simple list of dates and days of the month followed by an event or a task. But, with this setup you can categorize your events and tasks into different areas of your life. 

I set mine to be Notes/Deadlines, Work, and Personal. 

For Notes/Deadlines I initially included Payday schedules and routines. I plan to add deadlines for the blog as well here. Work and Personal are a combination of meetings, holidays, and other work or personal related items. 

Although I miss my past calendar setups, I think I’ll still do the same layout next month. I love that this monthly layout is quick to do and very simple to maintain.

September 2022 Goals, Plans, and To Do List

The current monthly goals, plans, and to list page is also fairly new. I got this idea from @penpapersoul on Instagram

I fell in love with how I can organize my to dos into different projects. I have a section for Daily Habits and Routines, Blogging, Finances, Reading, SavingsPinay Shop, Side Hustles, Work, SavingsPinay Podcast, and Errands.

I’m hoping I cross out as many open squares as the days of September progress.

September 2022 Content Calendar

This page is where I plan out all of my blog and Instagram posts for the month. I was able to fill out the content calendar in advance so that’s good. The task now is to ensure I’ll be able to follow the content calendar and release posts on schedule. 

September 2022 Weekly Page

I used to make a daily page with a time tracker before completely changing my weekly layout for September. June to August were a transition period for me at work so I needed something to guide me on an hourly basis. 

Now that I’ve already spent a month in my new work I thought it's time to use another minimalist weekly page setup. This setup is almost the same as what I had last yearI have boxes at the top so I can still write down my main tasks and goals for different areas of my life. At the bottom, I have the freedom to plan out my week.

That’s it for my September 2022 Minimalist Bullet Journal setup.

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