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Product Review: ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream in Sta. Lucia

Welcome back to the blogging world!!! Truly, it has been so long since I blogged and I truly miss writing again. Sorry because my work has been quiet time consuming this month so I can't blog too often. Fortunately, my Youtube channel is updated and my latest HUGE Collective Haul Video is already up. Check my Youtube channel, ok?!

For today's post I will be talking about the ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream that I mentioned in my collective haul video. I had this for awhile and I already used it for testing. 

This is from the ELF Studio Line and it costs 249.75pesos. This comes with a powder form of the same shades and same packaging but I opt for this cream-based since it will be my first time owning a blush and bronze duo.

The saleslady told me that Sta.Lucia is the best selling shade out of all so it added to my interest in buying this product. Below are the different features that the product says at the back of the

- Ideal for all skin types, this dual bronzer and blush creates a sheer, natural wash of color on the skin.

- The lightweight cream-to-powder formula provides extended wear and allows you to layer for desired intensity.

- Sculpt eyes, cheeks, lips, body and anywhere you wish to highlight and contour.

The Bronzer which has been a talk of the town as the dupe for Nars Bronzer looks like this one when swiped. The color is concentrated and within few amount it will automatically create the best contour for the face.

To use the Bronzer I take my flat foundation brush and use it to contour the sides of my face, jawlines, temples and the sides of my nose. 

The blush on the other hand is like the dupe of Nars Orgasm which has a nice hint of rose-pink-peach color. It is super pigmented and blend really really well. 

To use this I apply it with a dotting method using my middle finger to the apples of my cheeks and throughly blend it with a blush brush. I would time sometimes use this as a base for my L'real Super Blendable Project Runways blush which is of the same shade.

Look how the product looks like when blended together!!! Super pretty blush and bronzer combination.

This is such a way to go for those who would like to learn more about highlighting, contouring and blush on technique. Very cheap yet very good for the face area. It lasts me for the whole office hours and up until I went back to home from work.

 I love that I can easily belcd the product and that a few truly makes a huge difference making it a very economical compact item.

Another thing that I love about this product is the huge mirror that is very useful for me. Its lovely to work with when I am doing my makeup routine and when I would like to check my face during the day.

would see if I can make a video on my Youtube channel about my Highlight, Contour and Blush Routine. :)

Happy Saturday everyone!

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