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Product Review: HBC SanSan Lipstick

Good morning everyone!!! I am backw with a product review blogpost for you. Today is about the HBC SanSan Lipstick. I am not that fan of lipsticks and I literally have the least amount of lip products but I make it a point that I buy those shades that really work for me.

Finding the HBC SanSan Lipstick is a great way for patrionizing Filipino makeup brands.

That is how the packaging of the SanSan lipstick looks. It is like a metallic blue one which is very compact and sturdy.

You can notice in how the lipstick look that I have used it for quiet some time. This is Shade 03. All the shades are named as a number rather than a word name. The con that I am seeing is the fact that is available in 6 shades only I believe and they only play with the reds and pinks.

This lipstick has SPF15 and Vitamins A, C and E. It also claims to be very hydro moisturizing.

The lipstick is true to the moisturizing part. It glides very smoothly on the lips and create a very sheer and natural color. It last for about 4hours only and after that the color pay off may not be seen. This is a great summer lipstick for those who would want an amp of color. 

Aside from shade 03 I also bought shade 05 which is a darker pink.

That's it for my post everyone. Hope you have a great Saturday. :)

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