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Product Review: Paintbox by Bench Eyebrow Definer in Brown

Hi ladies!!! You all know how much I love brows. I buy a lot of brow products because for me it is the very first thing that creates change in a person's look. Though I am not someone who constantly shave or trim my brows and shape it, what I rely most on are the eyebrow pencils.

Today's review will be from the Paintbox makeup line which from Paintboc distributed by Bench. To all you fellows who still haven't gone to Bench and take a peek to their makup line, Paintbox then you probably should now for their offer a lot of cheap but of quality.

The product has the liner and the spooly brush at the cap. It is just like any ordinary brow liner available in the market.

The price of this one is 88pesos only making it one of the cheapest eyebrow prodcut of mine.

Look at how pigmented the product is. It creates this very nice brown smokey smudge effect that looks very beautiful.

Below are the different pics showing how the product is when used:

I have been using this non stop and I swear by the effectivity of this product. It gives a very nice definition the brow area and though it is not waterproof it still stays for a long period of time. It blends nicely and the brush at the end combed great.

 It is very easy to carry too so I can just slide it into my bag and I am ready to go. The nice thing about this product is that how affordable it is being only 88pesos. :)   

That's it for my review ladies, thank you for your support!

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