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100PESOS and BELOW SULIT Product: Touch Me Blush On in shade 4

As I mentioned before in bith my Youtube videos and blogs, I am not a blush person. But come 2013 when I started experimenting with blushes as I see how effective they are in giving inner glow to ladies. I have been so much amazed with pay off colors and so on plus they are one of the most inexpensive type of makeup.

I got this Touch Me blush at Metro Department Store in Market! Market! I was just first curious with what the makeup store has in line. Touch Me gives affordable prices so I initially picked up this blush on. Sadly, it broke on my way home so I had to fixed it to make it hard and usable again.

The color is in Shade 4 and this is 1 out of the 5 colors that the line sells. I opt for a pink one because I never own ampink shade blush on.

The Touch Me blush on sells for 75pesos only. Truly one of the cheapest blushes ever. 

The product is very pigmented but has a sheer coverage. It is finely made so it is easier to blend. It instantly brightens my face and my looks. I love how this blush on is able to create a girly look on my face.

See how it is when used? It blends smoothly on the area and fives sbtle pink glow. It has shimmer bit not overpowering so the color is still showing. I also love the fact that a little goes a long way for this blush on. :)

Hope you have this sulit product that you won't forget you bought. It is available to all Metro malls. And this is a local or shall we say Philippine product. If ypu want to check my Haul for Touch Me visit my video channel. I made a video of the products I bought from their makeup line. :)  

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