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Ajisen Ramen House

Sometimes... well, most of the time I get this CRAVING for RAMEN. I love the interaction of noodles and hot soup with its ingredients' overflowing goodness in my mouth. Lucky me, whenever I crave... it happens when my wallet is happy. I mean, I have spare amount to buy.


Last Thursday I visited this Ramen House near where I work together with my good buddy and co-worker, Charm. She was actually the one who introduced me to this store that resides near Maybank that you can easily find in front of Veteran's Bank Rufino.

The place is actually quiet big though it was intimidating to go for a first-time like me because the aura of the restaurant is so fancy. You will think that they serve high-prices items. I can actually compare their price to Rai Rai Ken.

This was during the Pre-Glenda moment so, me and my buddy just ordered a Ramen of our choice. It's good though they will serve you with either Hot or Cold Tea upon entering. As you can see in the picture when we entered there were few couples eating but after 5-10minutes people came in. During the whole time that we were eating, the venue was full-house.
Selfie while waiting for our Ramen :)

Me with Charm... the best Web Designer ever!!!

It took about 10-15 minute I believe before our order arrived. I initiate to request for condiments because I know Ramen experience won't be complete without native Japanese seasonings.

Oh they're so lovely to look at
Right before we knew it. our Ramen had arrived. The serving is actually very big and good for two people in my opinion. But for someone who's craving then one won't be enough. The soup, the noodles and the other delicate ingredients..........WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Food adventure galore.

Negi- 225pesos

Ms. Charm ordered Negi and she enjoyed it so much. She finished her first. She was skeptical first on trying the seasonings but when I told her it will amplify the taste, she obliged. Even if the soup gets cold after long hour of talking, you can still enjoy its taste.

Ajisen- 235pesos
House Specialty Ajisen is what I ordered. I don't want to be too risky for my choice so I believe this one will do. The soup is so good specially for the weather. It has the right amount of noodles and other treats. Both of us, Ms. Charm, has pork BBQ as meat and there's boiled egg too and cabbage.

The thing that you'll look forward too in the place is that you can have your privacy. Though it gets full-house, you don't feel like it is crowded. The people in there are happy to serve too which is nice. I recommend this one for those who are craving of course and for those who'd like to try for the first time. You won't regret it.

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