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Ace Hardware Plastic Bedside Table

Hi everyone! Long time no post on my IzzaFinds series. I created this IzzaFinds Series to blog about items that are not makeup related and/or skincare related to which I am in love with and find them very useful.

If you happen to read my What's In my Bedside Station post I am actually in the hunt of a bedside table so that it is easier for me to work even if I am in my bed. I was hoping for a type of wooden table used in breakfast in bed type but it turns out that those type costs thousands.

Fast forward to before the month of June ends, I found something close to what I've been looking for. I found a red plastic bedside table in Ace Hardware :)

This product sells for 299pesos only and is available in 2 colors, Royal Blue and Red. I bought the Red one to compliment the color of my laptop and I feel like Red will match any room color there is. 

I can just do my thing in the comfort of my bed.

It has three holes with different sizes to which I put different things too. Though its plastic, this bedside table works perfectly and can handle the heaviness of my laptop. It also has a huge width that allows comfort

This is how it looks most of the times :)

 I love that through this Plastic Bedside Table I am able to save a lot of space on my bed. I actually am able to put my chargers and other cords so its more convenient for me as I am working at night. 

You may purchase this on all Ace Hardware stores in the malls. 

Hope you like this post. Thank you for reading.

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