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100Pesos and BELOW Sulit Product: Beauty Buffet Refreshing Facial Masks

I am a big, big, big fan of facial masks. I love how they make my face so moisturized, smooth and feel refreshed. I personally opt for clay masks for I want that reaping feeling off the skin but for convenience purposes I am bowing my life to Beauty Buffet's Refreshing Facial Masks!!!

Masks are essential because they help maintain our skin to be hydrated. It also has built in essences that feed the skin just like how eating is important to our system.

The Apple and Evening Primrose gives a layer of freshness and make my pores breathe for awhile. I love using this whenever I am tired from work or I just feel like I needed to boost my energy. It does repair and refine facial lines and treats dead and flaky skin.

49pesos ONLY!!!

Amazing price isn't it? For its convenience I truly love using this mask. Another nice thing is that I got it for 2 for 79pesos during the SM Department Haul Clearance Sale. This is SULIT to the maximum level.

The Charcoal and Cypress Facial Mask is good to use to clear pores or right after your exfoliate. Charcoal reveals cleaner skin and thus, you'll feel instant white after using this. It is also good for oily skin as it controls oil and purifies.

Sorry for my monster face! That's me wearing the mask :)

Over-all this product is truly SULIT. If you are in a hunt for affordable masks that you relax with then Beauty Buffet's refreshing facial mask is for you. It is also available in different flavors that will suit your requirement.

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