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Product Hype: Suesh Concealer in C210

I know a lot of you have idea about the makeup company Suesh. They sell a brushes and other related makeup items and have their online shop HERE.

I initially wanted to pick up either a brush or their famous palettes when I saw their line of concealer refill. Its available in different shades and you can afford one for just 90pesos. Yes, just 90pesos!!! But of course we're talking a refill so don't expect any fancy packaging. If you do want, you can avail their palette case to which you can fill in with different shades of their concealer line. The pallete costs about 400-500pesos for a collection of 6 pieces I believe.

Since its my first time buying from Suesh, I decided to just try one shade and I opted for C210 which is a very yellow pigmented.

Sorry the packaging looks dirty, it's only because I use this product very much :)

What I Like about this Suesh Concealer in C210
  • The price is pretty decent
  • The variety of shades you can choose from
  • It evens out my skin!!!
  • This shade makes a good highlighter too!!!
  • Doesn't cake easily
  • It equalizes my skin color and highlights my being morena :)
  • You can use this for a very long time! (Promise)
  • No pungent smell
What I Don't Like about the Product?
  • It dries easily so make sure to blend well upon putting
  • Suesh is not available nationwide. I bought mine in Trinoma which is far from where I reside
  • You have to buy a palette in order to have a good a packaging

My tip is to use your finger tips first in distributing the product then you can use either a sponge or brush as you blend on your face. You can use this to highlight your cheekbone, forehead and nose bridge too.

As you can see in the picture above, this is creamy concealer too. You can easily use your finger to put this on desired areas and blend it out. 

This concealer is very natural looking when blended. It has yellow hint that blends in Filipina skin well.

As stated above, you can easily find thus Suesh concealer in Suesh kiosks. Please visit their online store too to order.

PS. I am not by any means affiliated with Suesh. The above product hype and statements are purely mine. Thank you!


  1. May Suesh store na sa Market! Market! - Hazel Grace M. Bellen

    1. Hi Hazel. Nice naman pala kung ganun, mas malapit na store!!! :)

      Thanks for reading my post!