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First Blog Post of 2015: My January Style Inspirations

Happy New Year!!!

I feel like I haven't blogged for such a long time. I have a lot of pending posts already thanks to the holiday season spent on massive content writing. My financial blog, SavingsPinay, is going strong so if you haven't checked out that portal then I am inviting you to find a lot of lessons in term of finances now. I currently shared My Money Resolutions, My 2014 Personal and Financial Goal Review and Revolutionize the New Year by Becoming More Productive. 

 Anyhow, for IzzaGlino, I had a few big projects for the year. I feel like I totally forgot about this beauty and lifestyle blog because of the attention that SavingsPinay is getting. Also December has been a busy month for event people like me since it is the so called peak season. I have event every Saturday and Sunday and had to go to work on 28th and 29th for a much needed document

When I have a break I tend to go on one particular app/site on my Ipad. I gues I've talked about this particular site on a similar blog post but yes, it's PINTEREST!

And with the obsession I thought of sharing my January Style Inspiration in hope that I could do this monthly for you guys. My January Style Inspiration is a Kpop Idol and had been very controversial last year. She is a famous former member of Girls Generation!

Jessica Jung

    Here are my top pick outfits that I am very much inspired to wear this month.

Isn't her style amazing?! She knows how to pair each and every part of her clothing. I believe she also has her own company called Blanc & Eclare which makes much more than the ordinary. What I like about her styles is that it is very easy to wear in the Philippines' weather. Almost every item is available in the country too! I love the color palette and the combination of each accessories. 

Hope you love this post! 

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