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On House of Lasagna and Ayala WalkWay at Night

Before 2014 ends I discovered an amazing restaurant hiding in Ayala WalkWay that I am so excited to share to you.

Well, a little background first in the Ayala Walkway I am talking about. If you've been in Makati this walkway is famous as it connects almost the biggest buildings along Ayala. I believe it starts at Rufino (where my building is located) and ends in Greenbelt. If you are being frugal and you want to exercise for a bit you can walk that said WalkWay. It is just one straight path encompassing parking lots and whole lot of stores by the side.

Another thing that I love about Ayala Walkway is the murals. When its evening there you just want to take a big photo op on the paintings. I do not know who, how and why they were there but they are all amazing murals in my opinion!

The photo below is my favorite. You an see this in the ceiling.

Another favorite of mine is this new restaurant called House of Lasagna. Again, just walk straight and you'll surely find this small yet cozy restaurant.
I am not a big fan of Lasagna so in my first time dining I knew I won't order that but I am planning in bringing my eldest sister to the said restaurant for upon checking in I saw the huge serving they have.
I was surprised because they give a basket of bread as you wait for the arrival of your food.  

They also have a promo of Free Refill on Iced Tea which is super awesome as it saved me some amount.
It was close to 9pm when I went so I did aim for a sumptuous dinner. I went for the Chicken. It comes with 2 Fried Chicken, Rice, Coleslaw and Fries.

This whole meal costs only 220pesos!!! Yes, I'm not even joking. The taste of the Chicken is so far from the regular fried chicken you have tasted. It is filled with seasonings that I can't even define. The coleslaw gives fresh taste while the fries is tenderly fried to perfection.

That night I knew it was Dinner Satisfied.
I hope House of Lasagna will have other branches in different malls around the metro. They deserve some love and some space. No doubt how jam packed their small stall in the Ayala WalkWay gets. The food and the price is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
Have you tried House of LASAGNA?! Have you been to Ayala WalkWay?! Comment below!

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