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IzzaShares: Welcome to my New Pages!!!

Over the holidays I've been thinking on better ways to present this beauty and lifestyle blog. My other blog, SavingsPinay, have been much more active and received much more pageviews and support for the past year. This blog has been my first baby and to those who follow me through this blog I owe you a lot!

Having said that I am going to create a new feature in this humble virtual world of mine. The TIPS PAGE SECTION. As much as I wanted to put this on my other blog I realized that in here I can be more personal and diary-like. That way I will be more confident in adding value through the content that I create.

Currently here are the series of tips and tricks that I want to discuss fully:

  • Blogging- I will share to you guys why you should blog, how you can start blogging, mistskes that I have made on my blogging, how to earn through your blog and etc.
  • Journaling- I do my devotions every morning and I believe that Journaling have helped me a lot find peace with God. Aside from my devotional journal I also have a type of journal to plan on planning my schedules and my daily to-do's which I'll be sharing vervy very soon. My tips will include how to start journaling, the benefits of journaling and other stuffs.
  • Traveling- Since this 2015 I will embark on another journey of just travelling either alone or with someone, I want to create posts about how I prepare, what's in my travelling blog and other tips for Pinay on the go. So be expectant of travel posts here on my blog.

I hope that through this new page I will be adding more value in the blogsphere. This is very new to me and I never made a tutorial on how I do things. If you haven't followed be via RSS, Facebook and Twitter I hope that you can do now. I also have a Google+ account publicly shares the posts I update in this blog.

If you request of posts that you'd like to see in this new page section the. Don't forget to comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Till then, God Bless and thank you for reading.

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