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Goodbye October, Hello November

October went faster than I expected it to be. I still can't believe that we are just two months away in saying goodbye to year 2015. Are you excited for the holiday season? I am actually afraid to say goodbye to this year maybe because I still have a lot of open projects I wanted to close before a new year begins. Well, better hurry or else I'll definitely be won't finish all my must do's before 2015 ends.

The month October went amazing. It was filled by events I needed to attend and to help organize. I also had a chance to release a monthly series over my personal finance blog, SavingsPinay. I struggle a bit when it comes to keeping my financial life intact but all ended up well. And I am very much happy and contented. Check out last month's Goodbye September, Hello October post.

So here is a summary of how my October went and what I am expecting as the new month begins.

1. Became Active on my Instagram Account

I am so happy that I finally became active again on my Instagram account. I had this week where I post on a daily basis and I found a way to automatically link whatever I post on Instagram to my Facebook Page. Now that's a win-win for. Please do follow me on Instagram and of course Facebook Page.

2. Dressed Up for Work

I admit that I have days when I just go to work and be as simple as a polo shirt and pants. I don't care anymore. I don't plan what I'll be wearing and whether it would be Instagram-worthy. But boy did I manage to create some nice and appealing outfit ensembles over the month of October. I plan to create a separate post sharing you more outfit pics soon. I finally had the time and the effort to pull off some outfits from the pins I see on Pinterest. Yahoo.

3. Track My Spending

Many of you knows already that I am the lady behind SavingsPinay. I am very much passionate about personal finance and investment and share this passion over the said platform. For October I tried tracking the money that goes out of my cash flow on a daily basis. Thanks to my DIY Spending Tracker. You can create your own too and trust me. It makes a huge difference being able to see how your money goes.

4. Bebe Girls Despidida 

Me and Nica's beloved Bebe Girls from De La Salle University Lipa bid goodbye last October 12. They ended their OJT days with a Big Guy's 36" Pizza for all of WiFun staffs. I will miss these girls so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending your training years with us. 

5. Let the Hunger Games Begin

Over the third week of October I decided to have a reading goal. Read all three books from the Hunger Games Series before the last installment of the movie shows. I am done with two out of three books which left me with only the Mockingjay to read. Nice! 

6. Attended the Regina Online Investing Equestrian Cup Grand Relaunch of Regina Online Investing

It was such a big honor being invited to attend Regina Online Investing Equestrian Cup. It was my first time watch an equestrian event. All details of how the event went will be posted on SavingsPinay. I also plan to create a detailed post on what Reginal Online Investing is about. Just showing you my makeup and my outfit of the day. 

7. Attended Blogapalooza 2015

This was the very first time I attended Blogapalooza and I love it! Blogapalooza is technically a time where influential bloggers and businesses get together. Brands offer their new products and services and the bloggers get to play games, win prizes and post about the event and the business as well. I plan to film a YouTube video on my experience with the event plus the freebies that I got so better check that out. The whole event and the posts on some of the businesses and brands that I attended will be on SavingsPinay. 

8. Halloween at WiFun

This was the very first inter-office event that I got to help organize and I feel so honored to work with Nica (our pretty HR) with this. We had roughly two days to pull off the event and we did it. We had a chance to bond as a company together and we also spent the day with the kids of our employees. Games, food and the laughter were pretty much what made the event spooktacular.

Things I am Looking Forward On November

1. I'm Turning 22!!!

Yes!!! Can't resist my excitement for the month of November since it is my birth month. I still have no plans on how I will celebrate my birthday but I am praying for it to be fun and memorable. 

2. Outing with WiFun Family

The much anticipated Panso Outing didn't happen last month so I am hoping that it will happen this November instead. 

3. Baguio and/or Binondo Experience

I had this part of my must-do's before 2015 ends so I am praying I can finally cross it out of my list this November. I have not yet decided whether to go solo or maybe have Nica with me on Binondo and my family on Baguio. I even don't know whether I can do it but I do wish to travel and wander again. 

I hope you are doing well. Tell me something about your October!!!
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