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SULIT PRODUCT | Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen

It's been a long time since I reviewed/featured a brow product in this blog. Blame it on my obsession with the Holy Grail product, Shawill Two-Way Eyebrow Cake that stayed faithful in keeping my brows on point. But I emptied the product last last month and so I became in the hunt for something new. 

I know I wanted it to be sulit brow product and something I can feature in the 100pesos and below product category so upon some more stroll I sealed my purchase on Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen. 
Keep reading if you'd like to know more about this product.

Product Information

I can't find that much information about Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen but it's widely available on all Fashion 21 Boutique. The packaging is quiet nice and the retractable eyebrow pen makes application precise and easy to blend. 
For 85pesos you'll get 0.25g of product. 

How to Use

Use the product to map your eyebrow will go, then brush off with a separate brow brush for proper blending. You can easily top the product with an eyebrow tamer. WATCH: ELF Treat and Tame Eyebrow Review

Initial Thoughts

Ever since i changed my hair color from natural black to a light matte brown shade, I knew I have to tweak my brown routine a little. The general rule is that your brows need to be a shade or two darker than the hair in your head. And with my lighter hair it's just a notion to choose the Dark Brown shade.

Auto Eyebrow Pens are answered prayers for someone like me who has little time in the morning. I love how I can just rotate one side of the pen and the product comes out. No need to sharpen the pencil anymore. Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen also has a decent amount of product for its price. It could last you for a month depending on how frequent you use it. 

The product glides on smoothly. I swiped it at the back of my hand and I am pretty happy by the ease of application. I'm just sad that the Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen doesn't come with a brush so you could easily achieve a perfect bold brow and/or natural strokes. Because of this I have to use the brush from my Catrice Eyebrow Pencil instead.

Upon Application

The pen itself is thin enough that you can outline your brows perfectly. I use it directly and I don't have any fear that I overdo my brows at all. The consistency of the pencil is soft and I still have control on how much brow product I get to use. 

I am 50-50 with the staying power but I found a great way for it to last a whole day long. After I mapped my brows and become very happy about it I brush it off to tame. Then I apply powder foundation. It doesn't change the color at all it makes your brow stay super long. You can also set it with a brow powder as long as it won't make the brow look too strong. READ: My SanSan HD Duo Powder Review

What Makes it Sulit?

This is a great match for people who are beginners when it come to brow stuff. It gives you control over how your brows will look. Its automatic so you save time and effort plus the price is budget-friendly. 
If ever you use pencil and tired of the constant sharpening then I highly recommend transitioning to an auto liner instead. The only sad part is that it doesn't come with a brush but if you have a well-groomed brows this could give you artistahin brows. Make sure to set the product if you want it to last longer than usual.

Do you have any thought on Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen?


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