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My November Favorites

It's been awhile since I posted a monthly favorites. I guess this should be top of my editorial calendar for next year. Hopefully I will have 12 Monthly Favorites posted from January to December. I love reading others monthly favorites posts and even YouTube videos so it feels amazing being able to post this type of article again.

1. San San HD Duo Powder Foundation

I've talked about this product for countless times but since I have never featured it in a Monthly Favorites video I believe it deserves the spot. The San San HD Duo Powder Foundation is love. It sets my makeup flawlessly. It doesn't give me the cakey look, it mattifies my face and I just love how I can use it straight with the sponge applicator. READ: Going HD with SanSan HD 2-Way Cake and Concealer.

2. Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

This has been my makeup remover from end of October to November and as you can see I almost emptied it. Thus saves me a lot of time removing my makeup, still gives me a hydrated face and just help me in a day to day basis. Be sure to read my in-depth review of this makeup cleanser. READ: Biore Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover Review
3. Etude House Oh M Eye Lash Curling 

This is another product that I know I've been mentioning from time to time but I haven't featured in a monthly favorite. This mascara is so good and so budget friendly. I can't of any cons this Etude House product gives. I love how natural my lashes look plus how it curls and make me look more awake.  READ: Current Product Empties (Maybelline, I-White, Etude House, etc.)

4. Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow

Ever since I got this I found myself using the product for my brows. It glides easily and look so natural. The only problem that I have is the lack of brush at the end because I still have to use other brow product just to tame it. I included this on my sulit products so please do read it too.
5. Avon SSS Glutathione Lotion

I love this lotion so much. I've read a product review about this and made me decide to try it out. Fortunately there is an Avon Dealer Shop near our house so I got mine quickly. It's only 149pesos for 150ml and I found myself relying to this whitening lotion so much. It doesn't give you the greasy feeling, it smells amazing plus it has instant whitening effect. I don't worry putting too much because it is pretty much the most affordable glutathione lotion ever.


1. World Balance Sneakers

I finally bought a decent rubber/running shoes. This has been love at first sight for me. The color is amazing and I love how soft it could be when worn. I  literally wear this shoes on all Fridays of November. 

2. Kathleen Lights on YouTube

I am oh so obssesed with her channel. I've been watching her videos for so long and for the month of November I found myself rewatching almost every single video on her channel. I love her tutorials, her hauls and whenever she posts about her collection.

3. Current Bullet Journal Setup

I guess I shared over my other blog SavingsPinay that I use a bullet journal to sort out my life. I love my current bullet journal setup and I can't wait to ahare to you guys about it in a series of posts in this blog.

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