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MONTHLY RECAP | Goodbye February, Hello March

Oh yes we are now on the third month of 2016. It feels weird how fast each month pass us by. So far, February has been my favorite month. Its a month filled with firsts and a month where I dedicated fulfilling some of my Bucket List. See my 2016 Bucket List at the bottom of the sidebar. 

I am so excited to do this monthly recap post because I have a lot of memories from February. Actually iniisip ko kung paano ko lalampasan yung mga nagawa ko on the coming month. 

Well, let's hope more bucket list will be crossed off and it will be another month of productive and intentional living.

Mt. Manabu Day Hike

In action pic!!!

My Hiking Buddies.

I saw a lot of "hiking" photos on my Facebook wall over the end of 2015 so I was inspired to commit in this extreme outdoor activity too. Hindi ako fit na tao, I rarely exercise and even if I wanted to do something that will make me sweat...tinatamad lang ako in the end. 


There's a sudden sense of fulfillment once you reached the summit. I am blessed to be with a group that supported me even if I was complaining in the middle of the hike na "Ayoko na... Pagod na ko!!!" (hahaha). Read more stories and see other pictures HERE.

Trying Wabi Sabi Vegetarian Noodle House at The Collective

There are photos of artistas on the wall too.
It's nice finding great restaurant that offers great food, great ambiance with great and affordable price. Wabi Sabi at The Collective San Antonio Makati falls in this category. I'm glad someone invited me for a dinner here and I got to try their food for the first time.
You basically choose between Ramen Padilla or Fernando Pho Jr. Very witty right?! Shoyu Ramen is priced at 95pesos and there's Viet Pho with the same price. They also offer sides and drinks. Must try is Lemon Grass Iced Tea.

Did I mention that it's situated in the place where I get my Ukulele strings? So the next time I'll visit The Collective I know where to have my dinner.

Pampanga 2D+1N and Hot Air Balloons Experience

Remember my Places to Visit This 2016? Pampanga was part of the list and this February I crossed it off my list. I spent 2D+1N in Pampanga making sure that I go to the spots that Pampanga is famous for. I also went to the 20th Hot Air Balloon and it's one of the best experience so far. READ: My Tagaytay 2D+1N Travel Diary

I have yet to share my travel diary here and my itinerary and expenses on my financial blog SavingsPinay so I hope you'll stay tune.

Also you can follow me on Instagram so you can see a lot of my #IzzaTravel posts. @glino_clariza

First Wedding Event Hosting of the Year
Hindi naman halata yung saya ko sa pic na to
Finally I can say that I'm back into my first love, event hosting. Had my first event gig of the year through Eczyle Coordination which by the way is great. If you are planning your wedding and you want to be off on the chaos, I highly recommend getting their service. 

Hosting has been a big part of my life. I started at 17 and was awarded as 2013 Wedding Event Host of the Year. I know right then that I am blessed with talent and hosting skills. Hoping for more hosting gigs soon. 

Date with My Spiritual Mom

Ang pretty nang Mom ko di ba?

In a post entitled 5 Random Facts About Me I shared that I got saved during my college years. And the beautiful lady that introduced me with God has been Ms. Lanie Teves.

I can't even express how thankful I am meeting Ms. Lanie. Her faith inspired me so much and I feel happy that I was able to treat her and bond with her after graduation. 

She still has the radiant effect... still beautiful. I love you Ma'am!!!

Philippine Madrigal Concert at CCP

The view from where we were seated. Di pa nagi-start yung concert

Can't believe I have this Derrick Monasterio Look-Alike as a friend

WOW. Another one checked out of my 2016 Bucket List... Attend a Concert. Remember Armstrong from My Mary Grace Experience? He invited me to watch the Philippine Madrigal Concert at CCP and it's soooooo amazing. It's my first time going to CCP and also my first time going to a legit concert. 

Before attending the concert I have zero idea of Philippine Madrigal Concert so I was surprised by how great they were during the concert. I am planning to create a dedicated blog post about this so I won't go into full details. But yes, that happened on February. 

More More Pansol

I'm with Nica and other officemates. Will reveal other photos soon.

I have talked about the Pansol trip with my officemates a couple of times last year. Finally it did happen!!! Last Wednesday, February 24 we had an overnight trip to Pansol, Laguna. It was a biglaan trip and a good time too since   the following day is a holiday for EDSA Revolution. 

The plan was to go to Laguna Hot Spring Resort, which I believe was the original hot spring venue and been to a couple of TV Shows. When we went there it was jam packed and there's no room so we switched venue.

Again I plan to create a blog post here so I can't fully share the stories. Please bear with me :) No worries I promise to post it sooner.

Zalora Brand Ambassador

Imagine how happy I am to receive this amazing opportunity from one of the leading online shops in Asia. I am not just affiliated with them but I am also part of their Brand Ambassadors!!! 

One of the perks of being a Zalora Brand Ambassador is sharing the good news to you guys. You can get 15% OFF on your first order at Zalora with my code. Use ZBAPZAXS.

Here's the link for you to order:

Things I'm Looking Forward Next Month

Wedding Anniversary of my Mama and Papa

If there's a love story that I will forever be grateful for then it would be my Mama and Papa's marriage. Through thick and thin they've been together and they have been the best parents any child will ask for. They are great providers, they are great advisers and they never give up on you.

This year I want to make something special for my parents. I wanted to actually plan a surprise for them but I still have to ask my siblings for help with this one.

Another Hike?
I am planning to make this a monthly thing now since I truly enjoyed my first ever hike. Hopefully it would be Pico De Loro or Daraitan. If you haven't read my Mt. Manabu Experience then make sure to check my archive. And if you want to do the same hike go over SavingsPinay for the expenses and itinerary. 

Kuya and Lyron's Birthday

By the end of March my kuya and my pamangkin Lyron will celebrate their birthdays. I am sooooo excited with this one. 

Hope you enjoyed my post. Tell me something about your February!!!


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