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BOOKS | Books I'll Be Reading This February

We are now on the 2nd month of 2016 and I this is the busiest month for me since I have a lot of things going on the whole February's weekends. As I've mentioned in my Goodbye January, Hello February I will be doing a day hike on Feb 7 and then me and my eldest sister will go to the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival on Feb 12-13 and the on the 20th I have a hosting gig in Island Cove, Cavite.

Whew. Writing the said appointments make me a little anxious but excited at the same time. Though I will be busy one thing that I can never skip will be reading books. I tone down my list to one book though since the other book was part of my January Reading List which I haven't finished and the other is something I want to take my time reading since it's something that adds to my spiritual life. 

Let's begin.

Books I Read Last Month

The Books I'll Be Reading This January post has been greatly welcomed, thanks to you. I do hope you are enjoying these "book-related post" soon I will be doing list posts and tips on reading. 

For January I only finished 2 books but they were too awesome that my mind can't stop thinking about them. I even found myself peaking on the pages I highlighted and just rereading the best lines in the book. 

Simplify Your Hectic Life by Annie Chapman with Maureen Rank

This inspiration/devotional book made me realize a lot of things. I am glad that I decided to read it as the New Year starts because now I have a better perspective of a balanced life. The lessons of this book will soon be published on my Sunday Post but to give a quick bullet-point type of what I learned here are a few:

  • Simple and pure devotion to Christ is the precondition to a balanced life. The balanced woman is not out to please some of the people all the time, or all people some of the time. She's not committed for living is to be simply, purely, passionately devoted to the Lord.
  • I also super love this words from the book, "Before we were born God fitted us for our place in His plan. If we waste our time coveting what He's given another, we're saying we don't like His plan, and we'll miss the joy of living out the particular and perfect plan for which we were created"
  • Once we believe that God is in control, life becomes more controllable.
There were other valuable lessons again I'll blog soon for a Sunday post. The book is something you'll surely finish in one seating. It is easy to read and easy to understand. It is filled by Godly thoughts and messages that show what productivity and what a balanced life should be.

Gone Girl

I think I've talked about this books for the whole month of January and it is literally part of not just one but two YouTube videos. However this book deserves all the attention since it did entertain me in a whole new level. I am obsessed with Amy's character and how I can relate with her at some point. I felt the same amusement I did feel when I read Mario Puzo's Godfather which by the way is part of the best books ever. 

Gone Girl is perfection up to its 400th page. The ending is something I didn't see coming. It froze me for an hour and I can't even fathom the situation. I wish it could have been a better ending or something less psycho or anything. Overall I enjoyed reading this book and I don't mind rereading it once more.

Books I'll Be Reading This Month 

The Ruins by Scott Smith

My bad I was caught too much by the Gone Girl that reading this book became a challenge for me last month. This February I vow to finish the book at last. Well this means I have to start again since I lost track of where I've been so far. Fingers crossed it won't be part anymore of the books I'll read next month.

The Great Controversy by Ellen White

Someone gave this book to me two weeks ago and since then I've been thinking how I could read the book without spoiling its message. So I decided to treat the book as something I can read a chapter a week and reflect on the lessons along the way. And though I am such a reader who highlights still on words, phrases or sentences that I love... I don't think I can do it on this book. It will be probably be filled with post its and flags instead. A big thanks to the giver of this great book. 

Getting Things Done by David Allen

I am a such a big fan of productivity. Knowing that accomplish a task each day makes me happy and feel fulfilled. But I do have a lot on my plate at the moment and I wanted to know a process that will help get things done. Come, David Allen's Getting Things Done. I already read part one of this book but I didn't finished and so my top priority for this month (actually this week) is to finally finish this book. I will also practice how the GTD method works and if it is something I can do for my life. 

I hope you like this post.


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