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SOMETHING NEW | USHAS Brow Palette by Watsons

If there's one makeup item I will never forget to use on a daily basis that will better be a brow product. My brows are my life. I never go out of the house without filling it in and securing that they are in place. And so I always make it a point to buy reliable brow products to use. 

Towards the end of 2015 I found this amazing brow product in Watsons. It's a huge brow palette that any makeup enthusiast or makeup artist will surely love. So here's Something New, USHAS Brow Palette by Watsons. 

This huge palette is a complete brow grooming kit. Included in the palette are the following:
  1. Three different brow shape stencil
  2. Brow Grooming Comb
  3. Brow Angled Brush
  4. Brow Tweezer
  5. Black Eyeliner
  6. 1 Brow Gel
  7. 5 Different Brow Powders Shades

The price?? Only 299pesos. I have no idea if it is still available in Watsons but if I encourage you to try. The brow powders aren't that pigmented when swatched but when they are super effective to use to fill in the gaps of the brow area.

I will post a detailed review about this product soon and a video on how I use it.

Stay tune!!!

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