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BOOKS | Books I'll Be Reading This March


Ever since the New Year came I didn't read that much books anymore. I still had books under my waiting list section and much more books that are in my reading list for 2016. But I know I have to stop procrastinating when it comes to reading books because its a hobby that makes me relax a lot. And so this month I will have another attempt in finishing new set of good stories from great writers. 

Books I Finished Reading Last Month

The Martian by Any Weir

This book isn't even in my February Reading List but when my eldest sister handed it to me I fell in love. I couldn't let go of the book and finished it in less than a week. Though I must admit that the movie is better for me because the book is filled with too much science in it. However it's an easy read and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it too. 

Books I'll Be Reading This Month

  1. Paper Towns by John Green

I started reading this book but never got a chance to finish it because I got focused on another book. And so this month my goal is to finally finish reading epic book from John Green. This already have a film adaptation and I do love it so much so I expect highly from the real book. 

  1. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

This has been part of the Best Books of 2015 and is staying too long in my waiting list category. I wanted to finish it this month as I heard a lot of good reviews about it plus this is the first book that doesn't have a movie adaptation yet that I will be reading. 

  1. Life of Pi

I will be rereading this book just because I like it that much. Also this book has a lot of good parts in it that I wanted to remember. Hope it'll be more love the second time around. 

That's it for today's post.

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