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Life Lately #005

I miss doing Life Lately posts. It's been a month since my last "weekly life summary" article and I am so excited to start rambling. The first week of March is all about finally doing the things I put on hold for quiet some time. I hope you'll enjoy the fifth installment of Life Lately.

Here's a review of my week. 


I've been loving my Bullet Journal setup this week and it's working brilliantly in my day-to-day. Next week I plan on creating a post on my March Bullet Journal Setup so I hope that appeals to you. If you are new to the whole Bullet Journal system then you might want to check out these two posts: A Special Guide on Bullet Journaling and A Peek Inside My Bullet Journal. 

Another worth mentioning is my after-work jog with my workmates yesterday. It was so much fun but a lot of hard work too. It's part of my bucket list and so I did it. Hopefully it will be a weekly thing now. 


This week I've been busy doing a massive load of As Built Documents for Metro Manial Shakey's Sites. Thanks to my OJTs who've helped me a lot making the work easier and doable. I finish about 8-10 sites a day and it feels like impossible at first but later on you'll get used to it. 


Since I failed miserably last month posting only 8-9 posts on IzzaGlino and SavingsPinay I wanted to make it up this March. I had my editorial calendar set up this month and I do wish I could follow everything on schedule. 

Below are my Published Posts this Week:

On IzzaGlino

On SavingsPinay

5 Things Lately...

1. Althea Korea

I am super excited for the arrival of my Althea Korea box. Last Sunday afternoon I suddenly went into an online shopping spree with Althea Korea which is the new online shop that carries Korean skincare and cosmetics. You know how much I love anything Korean and I've shared countless of posts about Korean TV Shows and Korean Idols and now I am excited to share different posts on Korean skincare and makeup products. We'll see. Hopefully my parcel will arrive on Monday!!!

2. Nyx Round Lipstick in Louisiana

Sorry for the Haggardo Versoza look.

I got this round lipstick a year ago and I unfortunately misplaced it. Thus, this is the first time in forever that I will be using this vibrant pink lipstick again. I love it so much and used it for twice this week and I was surprised its a good match to me considering my skintone.

3. New SavingsPinay Web Layout 

I know that for the longest time the layout of my financial blog SavingsPinay is not good. It's not responsive, it's filled with ads that I don't even track at all  plus it doesn't reflect me at all. And so I decided to find the perfect web layout that matches SavingsPinay plus looks close enough in IzzaGlino. I hope you can check my other blog though I am still not than customizing it.

4. HostedbyIzza

Well that's the name I created for my new event hosting Facebook Page. For so long I always mention that I want to go back hosting but I fail to act on the said goal. Finally this week I had the motivation to prepare my personal facebook by changing my profile photo and cover photo to the one where I am hosting. I also did a Facebook Page but just secured the name first and I'll probably personalize it this month before fully launching. 

5. New Video on My YouTube Channel

Making YouTube videos is just my own happy pill. I love talking in front of the camera even though I have only have few subscribers and sometime get negative comments it is still fine with me. For me I do YouTube because it makes me happy and I think that is enough reason to continue. This week I published the Glamworks BB Cream and BB Stick Demo Review and I feel fulfilled that I made that video. Hope you'll watch!


  1. 100 Pesos and Below Sulit Product: Careline Oil Control Foundation
  2. 100 Pesos and Below Sulit Product: Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Cream
  3. 100 Pesos and Below Sulit Product: Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier
  4. SULIT PRODUCT | Beauty Fix Nose Pack Whitening and Pore Minimizer
  5. SULIT PRODUCT | Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen
  6. SULIT PRODUCT | Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Audacious Asphalt
  7. Sulit Product | Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E in Faithfully Yours
  8. Sulit Product | Pond's Pinkish White Pearl Cream

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