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SULIT PRODUCT | Careline Eyeliner

If you've watched my Recent Purchase Haul for March you know that I bought some of the newer products released by Careline. I believe the last makeup product I've bought over the brand is the Careline BB Cream and its been my top read blog post of all time. 

Today as part of my 100pesos and Below Sulit series I will be introducing the Careline Eyeliner which comes in colorful and cute packaging. PS. This is the first time in forever that I invested in a liquid eyeliner. Hope it'll work well.

Product Information

Careline Eyeliner is the newer product from Careline makeup line. As you all know, Careline's target market are teens and those who are looking for affordable makeup items. I love that how their price range from 85pesos to 250pesos only. This Careline Eyeliner is in the shade black and again comes in different color for the packaging. I picked up yellow since it look extra vibrant. 


How to Use

Use as regular eyeliner. Make sure to go as close to the lash line as possible to make it look more natural.

Initial Thoughts

I am not a big eyeliner girl to start with. I believe I have only tried about 5-6 eyeliners ever. My most memorable ones are the Snoe Eye Boop Precision Liquid Liner, San San Liquid Eyeliner Pen and Essence Extra Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen. And from the things I mentioned, only the Essence Extra Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen is what I loved. So I know for a fact that I am in a hunt of a new eyeliner pen to use and to play with. I've been loving the minimal makeup look and the hint of black eyeliner will surely amplify everything.

The Careline Eyeliner comes in a nice cute packaging you can bring anywhere, anytime. The products glides smoothly and you'll have no problem with the application. It is actually a perfect eyeliner to add in your beginner's kikay kit. For the price of 85pesos you have a liquid eyeliner that gives fare and decent black line on the eyes and not to mention smudge-proof. 

Upon Application

Careline Eyeliner isn't the blackest eyeliner you can buy but it s buildable to the right intensity that you want. I tried doing a regular line and a cat-eye once in a while and the Careline Eyeliner makes it easier than ever. The consistency of the eyeliner is not watery at all. The liner dries up fast upon application and easy to remove with regular makeup remover.

I think what makes the Careline Eyeliner work best is it comes with a hard tip applicator. It resembles my Snoe Eye Boop Precision Liquid Liner. I love this type applicator because it is easier to control and gives a better user experience for first-timers. However since this is not a brush type or a sponge tip, this may be a bit hard on the eye if you won't be careful. 

I love how the Careline Eyeline creates the thickest line as well as the thiniest line with such ease and precision. This is a perfect budget-friendly eyeliner to master your cat-eye. 

If you have super oily lids like I do it is better to use some eyeshadow primer or concealer first. READ: Suesh Concealer in C210 Review. I find that after applying the product and even if it's completely some goes onto my top eyelid. Fortunately, the Careline Eyeliner can be easily removed with gentle rubbing and makeup wipes. 

What Makes it Sulit?

The Careline Eyeliner is one product I've been using for the past couple of days. It makes me fall in love with cat-eye again. The applicator is very good and easy to use. 

The longevity isn't that great, I mean it won't stay longer than 4- hours but still a good buy for 85pesos. Love how the last sulit items turned up to be better than I expected. READ: Sulit Product | Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen.

What's your thought on the Careline Eyeliner?


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