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MONTHLY RECAP | Goodbye July, Hello August!

It's time to recap what happened for the month of July with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month. July is a quiet month for me and I have less stories to tell but for the same of tradition I will still try to welcome you on how my month went. 

Coffee Monday 

Its always nice to bond with these gentlemen. They are the best and the funniest people I know ever. We had our Coffee Monday for July and it was a blast since its during the Buy 1 Take 1 promo of Starbucks. We talked about our plans in the future both in work and life. I love how these men are growing right before my eyes.

CHARIS Beauty Box

Towards the end of July my CHARIS Beauty Box arrived. It is a welcome gift from the ever generous CHARIS as they launch their powerful market place for digital creators like me. I'll most definitely blog about them soon as well as a detailed post on what I got inside. Thank you CHARIS.

New Bullet Journal Notebook

I finally run out of pages to write on my Bullet Journal notebook and so I decided to buy a new one. I was soooo afraid that I won't find the right notebook that I like but thankfully Muji saved me. I saw their spiral A5 Dotted in White Cover and its actually working pretty well. I have always used dotted notebook to give me the ability and flexibility to style my notebook and this is really perfect. I've already set up my August and my aim is to be as consistent as possible with how I layout every month. I want my notebook to look very cohesive at the end of the year. READ: July Bullet Journal Set Up

Will post an August Bullet Journal Set Up Tomorrow so you can see what's inside

Miniso Shopping with Nica

When I first saw and heard about Miniso I knew that I have to visit the place soon. Thankfully Nica agreed to join me. We went last Sunday and it was a nice shopping experience. Miniso opened its first branch on Robinsons Manila and affiliated with SM. We were surprised when the cashier asked for our SM Advantage card. I'll write a formal blog post on my Miniso Haul so please check that out. 

After shopping we went to Tim Ho Wan and had our lunch. I finally got to taste the famous Pork Bun which is sooooo delicious by the way. Its the best I ate from what the restaurant offered. I didn't like their rice meal (or maybe because I am not used to it), their Iced Tea is too sweet for my liking and the noodles is too dry too. We strolled some more and Robinsons Manila is truly a nice shopping place. There are plenty of things to see and to do. 

Our Tim Ho Wan Order

Me and Nica
Things I'm Looking Forward on August

Rio Olympics 2016

I am soooo excited for this year's olympics. I've been watching ton of videos lately in my favorite sport category, gymnastics. I've been obsessed in watching each and every event//apparatus from vault, uneven bars, beam and floor exercise. I am excited for Team USA with Simone Biles as their lead. I am also looking forward for Aliyah Mustafina of Russia as well as Larissa Iordache of Romania. We cable so its nice that I can really watch and follow through the events. 

Table of Contents

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Organization 101

I am committing to an organized life for August. I really need to do some spring cleaning and build a better system on the items I have. I've been researching about Konmari Method as well as Capsule Wardrobe etc. I definitely need to take this seriously before September arrived. I'll be focusing on physical clutter first and go from more serious phase. 

I hope you are doing well. Tell me something about your July!!!

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