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Pinay's Guide on Ways to Improve Your Skin for Less

For the month of February I have been aiming to have a new skincare system since I have already emptied most of my skincare products. You can read my last Recent Purchase Haul and find out what new product I have been feeding on my skin. But before I make a post of video on my skincare system or review any product from the haul I'd like to talk to you about ways that you could improve your skin.

There are of course days when we may feel ugly because of bad breakouts we are experiencing or dull and tired-looking face so here are ways that you can do and you must remember if you want to solve and make your way on a younger and better skin for less.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Skin for Less

1. Get Hydrated

Water is power and it gives you the nourishment from the inside that will surely show up on the outside. Remember how we were taught to drink 7-8 glasses of water a day?! You may also try this new thing that I happened to be obsessed with for some time. Every morning I try to wake up with a glass of cold water and slice of lemon. The taste of lemon is truly hydrating and gives you a boost of energy in the morning.
Cold Glass of water with Lemon from Pho Hoa

2. Pop up some vitamins

The best way to achieve a glowing skin is to really and deeply take care of the inside so make sure to support your body with vitamins a, c, d and e. These whole combo will give your antioxidants to counter aging and may speed up your lighter complexion as well. I have been an avid fan of Conzace and pairing it with Myra E Vitamin E.

Review HERE
3. Choose a great face wash 

If you are like me who loves makeup and use makeup most of the days then it is important to invest in a good face wash. I have reviewed a lot of face wash in the past and they come in different kinds like normal cleansers, gel type, oil based and foams. One of my favorite face wash has been Nivea Mud Foam, Beauty Formula Tea Tree Foam and Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. 

Review HERE
4. Treat Your Acne

Acne-prone skin may be a curse for someone so it is important to treat it well. Choose an anti-pimple soap or cleanser that will give you the result that you really want. Skip harsh ingredients and those that you do not know. I know anti-pimple soap such as Defensil out in the market but you can also use as simple as Safeguard.

Watch the video below to know more about My Tagiyawat Battle:

5. Have a good night sleep

It is important to have a good sleep since it is while we are sleeping that our cells rejuvinate. Have a cozy bed and make sure you change your pillow cases if they turn a little old and dirty. You can drink some hot milk too which I am currently doing since I can't help but be distracted at night. Another tip is to secure that you stay away from your gadgets like cellphone, tablets or laptop an hour before you go to bed so you won't be disturbed.

6. Have a twice a week pampering routine  

This is something that will change your skincare system. I call this a pampering routine which you can do twice or even every other day. First thing is to wash your face (again choose a face wash that suits your needs). Next is to exfoliate via face scrub just like Asian Secrets Lulur Exfoliating Face Scrub (there is also one for the body). Then I like to put hot water on a bowl which serves like a steamer and I try to open up my pores just relaxing my face on the steam. Then I put a face mask and you I always have my Beauty Buffet Masks or a peel-off mask for this part. I leave it for about 10 mins, wash my face, tone and moisturize.

7. Stay away from stress

Clear your mind from stress and just focus on the bright side of the day. You can do a brain dump at night or a journal to reflect your thoughts so that each morning will bring you a mind ready to face what lies ahead. If you have a mind that is away from stress you'll surely see and feel the glow.

Hope that this post helped you.

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