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My Caramoan Island Travel Diary

I spent the last week of August on the hidden beauty of Caramoan Island. It was a superb experience and I can't wait to share my personal insights on the trip. Thanks to for making it happen. I was one of the 15 Bloggers who won their first ever Blogger Affiliate Getaway. My personal finance blog, SavingsPinay is part of the affiliate program and I am convinced that I made the right choice. let me travel and earn through my blog. Awesome, right?

Anyway as always here on my personal blog I choose to share my travel diaries. This is where I tell you freely my experience and my stories on the trip. If you are looking for an ultimate guide to Caramoan like Itinerary for 3 Days and 2 Nights trip as well as home stay recommendation please check my other blog, SavingsPinay.

Day 0 | Departure at Manila and about Al Del Rio Villa Resort 

I am not a travel blogger... I just love the idea of going places and experiencing new adventures. My body wasn't prepared for a 12-hour long ride going to Caramoan. We depart Boni Area where office is located at 10pm-ish and arrived the following day around 11am. My lower body is literally aching and my butt just can't feel anything at all. Haha.

Al Del Rio Villa Resort is where we stayed for the whole trip. It was near the port which is excellent, the house is enough to accommodate  a group of 20-25 people. I love how homey our stay went. Tatay Allan, Tita Rosario and Ms. Maureen gave us the warmest accommodation ever. If you are looking for a place to stay at Caramoan I definitely recommend Al Del Rio Villa Resort. Full review will be on my other blog.

First breakfast at Al Del Rio

Day 1 | East Side of Caramoan : Let the Island Hopping Begin!

The Island Hopping began in the East Side of Caramoan. I have a fear of the water to be honest since I don't know how to swim. I had to wear life vest no matter what. Our first stop was Matukad Island. Matukad is one of the small islands in Caramoan. It was my first time to glance in person such a picturesque view. The beach is stunning, the sand is very fine and the rock formations are awesome background for photoshoots. And if you are a fan of Survivor Caramoan the tribal councils were mostly held here in Matukad.

Matukad Island. Taken from inside our boat
You can also climb one of the steep rock formation where you'll find the lake above and find the tale of two milkfish. Its actually a common belief in the area of Caramoan that its the mythical guardian of Matukad Island. People tried to catch them once and disaster happened. I tried to climb but was beaten by my fear of falling so I ended up just swimming on the beautiful beach instead. The water is soooooo good and very suitable for swimming. We also had our lunch at Matukad Island. Al Del Rio prepared the perfect meal for a beach vibe with fried fish and "ginataang langka-like" veggie on the side. We also had halo-halo for dessert sold by the locals. 

Our next beach was Lahos. I will never forget Lahos because its my first time to see an Island that has white beach at the front and back. I also got to experience strong waves that made us laugh a lot. We were literally rolling in the fine sands. Lahos is a venue for several challenges during the Survivor Caramoan. Imagine how amazing it is to witness white sand situated between two huge and rugged limestones. It was perfect place to be.

At Lahos Island. 

We passed by the little Lahos Island on our way to the next beach, Cagbalingad. Now among everything we did on the whole trip to Caramoan, Cagbalingad is the place I will never forget. Why? Because I got to experience snorkeling for the first time. Again I have this fear of drowning since I don't know how to swim but with the help of life vest and Ms. Mau of Al Del Rio, I got enough courage I needed and saw one the best moments of my life. Being that close to marine life is amazing. The underwater exploration is a must to experience by everyone. Ms. Mau also taught me how to do bubbles so I can snorkel better and longer. Thank you Ms. Mau!!!

On our way to Cagbalingad

Last on our itinerary for Day 1 was Yupakit Beach owned by the family of Ms. Mau. If you are looking for a spot to witness the stunning sunset by the beach then this is it. I am in all honesty in love with this island. I wish it will be open to the public soon. You can take a lot of photos at the rock formations around the beach. 

Sunset at Yupakit Beach

Back at Al Del Rio Villa Resort we had our dinner and relaxation time. Its nice that they have karaoke because I am a big karaoke-girl. You know how we have karaoke session as a family every week. Its actually nice to finally get to know all the bloggers I went with as well as the members of I will do a separate post probably on SavingsPinay for you to get to know them and their blog. 

Day 2 | West Side of Caramoan : Island Hopping Continues...

We were greeted with the smell of tuyo and sinangag the next morning sealed with cup of coffee. And I'm telling you I haven't had that bountiful breakfast since forever. Right after breakfast we're all set for Day 2 of our Island Hopping. We all wanted to go to as many islands this time since its our last chance to really explore Caramoan. 

Sab-itang Laya
Our first stop is an area at Caramoan that becomes three island when its low tide, Sab-itang Laya. Its a perfect place for beach camping since it stretches further and has vast fine sand. There's a huge balete tree if you want to relax for awhile. You can also start swimming on the cool and clear water. If you walk you'll get to Bag-ing Beach which is another perfect spot for pictures. I love how white the sand is here. Since I am with travel bloggers who have been to Boracay Island they says its very much comparable. I feel like I've been to Boracay too. The lovely sight is very out of the ordinary. 

Next we went to Manlawe Sandbar also known as the Maldives of Caramoan with its Floating Cottage. There's also Cotivas Beach (Sand Bar) but we didn't see the sand bar because its high tide already. Our lunch is grilled squid with the best of Bicol, laing. Its a match made in heaven. We had a blast eating because we had to balance ourselves at the floating cottage or else our balsa will fall. For dessert you can buy halo-halo or mais con yelo at the local. There's also shells sold as souvenirs. 

Floating Cottages of Caramoan

Finally we went to the Batanes of Caramoan, Guinahoan Island. Its a five-minute trek which made me miss my Mt. Manabu and Mt. Daraitan experience. Up above you'll find a breathtaking view which is almost like a painting. There's the Guinahoan Light House, again ala-Batanes and the perfect view of the beach below.

Guinahoan Island

Al Del Rio never fail to prepare the best dinner after a long day of island hopping. We had games at night and gave away amazing prizes to the group. We manage to take advantage of our time together and really bond. Karaoke all the way. 

The next day was our commute home. This time I am quiet prepared with the long trip already. We had stop over at the Pasalubong section sa bayan and lunch at Biggs Diner. Biggs Diner is one of the biggest food chain in the Bicol Region. Your trip at Bicol won't be complete without dining at Biggs. Back in Manila we were greeted by bad weather which I find ironic because the Caramoan weather is all sunny and perfect. It was around 2am when I got the chance to be at my bed at last. 

Bigg Diners Naga

My Caramoan Island Travel Diary

Walang echos pero I'm really surrounded by the best bunch of people to go on a trip. I love the energy of the Travel Bloggers and I found myself obsessed in reading each and every blog post they release. gave such a wonderful and "nakaka-inggit" na travel experience to all the winners of their TravelBook Affiliate contest. We were pampered and spoiled during the trip. No affiliate program can surpass that.

I am beyond happy that I got to travel before 2016 ended. Bicol is a place I reserved at my Bucket List and I got to check that off. I also had experienced snorkeling which is another Bucket List item. This trip made me realize the side of me that long to travel and wander. Caramoan is an amazing island. Its should be part of your travel bucket list. I'll definitely go back if I can. 

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