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Embracing Singleness | An Introduction

For the longest time this blog has been a venue of makeup and skincare reviews, hauls etc. It wasn't until 2015 that my passion grew from all beauty and vanity to reading books, blogging and incorporating bullet journal system in my daily life. As I grew, this blog also grew with me and I'd like to announce that I am yet doing a major addition to what you currently read and experience here in IzzaGlinoFull

SINGLENESS is a page where I embrace my season of being single one post at a time. My goal in doing this is to share my bits and pieces of my life from learning the true meaning of singleness to desiring God's best during my waiting season. I hope that with every story, devotional and thoughts I post will encourage you to find fulfillment as a single Christian woman too.

Story Time - Here are random stories about me and my life as a single. From my goals, my wishlists, past experience, current mood, facts about me, my fears almost anything that I feel like sharing to you. 

Devotionals - Here are recaps or updates on the devotional I use on my quiet time with God. Also included in this topic are Bible verses that I'd like to share what I learned how I applied the learning in my life. 

Thoughts - Here are more informative posts that I've been wanting to do for the longest time.  I want to share lessons on how to live a better life in Christ from establishing quiet time, creating a devotional notebook and a ton of life tips in general. 

I am hopeful that this new series can bond us together. That it could be avenue where we explore our greatest potential as single women in Christ. That we can encourage one another through prayer and positive words in the comment section below. That we spread the art of being happily single.

I will be posting something new in this category on a Sunday or Monday but I can't promise a new post every week, okey?! Just be sure to check the main menu in the header for new articles under SINGLENESS.

I am not perfect and my spiritual life is a mess to be honest but it is a continuous journey to walk in the presence of the Lord. I know that this could open a lot of amazing possibilities and will let me connect with others who live in Christ.

Thank you for being with me in this journey to singleness. See you on my next post. 

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