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My Let's Face It Mani & Pedi Experience

Last Monday I finally took courage to give myself a much deserve manicure and pedicure at a branded salon. I have always seen Let's Face It but saw their price list to be very budget-friendly. They have several services from basic facial to hand and foot care. I was at Trinoma for a client meeting when I saw Let's Face It branch at 2nd Floor. I noticed they have Manicure and Pedicure in the list of services and decided to have that plus a regular foot spa to really have a nice pamper afternoon.  

Look depressed I know...
I asked the receptionist that I want to avail a Manicure and Pedicure and I was handed a form where I'll check the box on what service I will have. Aside from Manicure and Pedicure I also added a Foot Spa which I never tried before. I went inside Let's Face It Trinoma and was a bit shocked because there are a number of ladies in medical bed getting facials. It was my first time to see that. The place looks like newly renovated so don't expect a luxurious ambiance. I was requested to have a seat available on the hand and foot care area. The lady who did the service for me was Ms. Jenny. 

Getting my nails done
Though the area isn't that beautiful in the eyes I still admire how silent the place is. It made me feel better though inside I was so tensed because after years I am really getting myself a manicure and pedicure at the salon. First Ms. Jenny had my feet soaked in a foot spa machine. The water was warm which calmed me. I can't help but smile because the water slightly tickles me.

While I am having a foot spa, Ms. Jenny started my manicure. I added 20 pesos for imported nail polish but have no idea what the name of the color was. I am lucky that Ms. Jenny is light-handed and I didn't have a hard time during the manicure session. It actually went really fast because in a like 10-15 minutes we're already done with the hands. She also massaged my hands after which I find really soothing. 

Extra massage after the foot spa. Thank you Ms. Jenny!
Ready for new nail polish
Then Ms. Jenny of Let's Face It Trinoma went to the whole foot spa package. She scrubbed my feet with a tool that looks like a foot filer. It helped removed hard, dead and calloused skin on my feet. It was my favorite part of the whole foot care service. Right after, my pedicure began and I chose the same mint green color for my feet. Ms. Jenny did a good job removing ingrown toenails. Before having my pedicure I had difficulty walking with closed shoes but after the service everything felt better. 

Price List:

Manicure - 140pesos
Pedicure - 150esos
Foot Spa - 270pesos

How's My Overall Experience?

Happy client here
I enjoyed my first time experience having manicure and pedicure at Let's Face It! I nice pampering time which will be part of my memory forever. I don't mind spending 560pesos for the whole service though I will probably not do the Foot Spa next time and just go straight to pedicure to cut less on the amount. I will definitely come back to Let's Face It to avail another manicure and pedicure session. I also want to do their brow threading and maybe one day when I have all the courage I need I'll visit for a basic facial.

Thank you for reading this post. 

Do you have any spa and salon recommendation?

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