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5 Things I Struggle With As A Blogger

Did you know that I surpassed the 400 mark when it comes to number of posts already? Surprising right?! I never even thought I have the ability to write that much content. I have always viewed blogging as a hobby until I got invited to attend events, received sponsored post opportunities and gathered emails from dear readers. Having a blog changed my life dramatically and I couldn’t imagine not having it at all.

But I do struggle a lot as a blogger too. And today I wanted to be real to you and let you know the different areas where I suffer the most. Times when I question why even started a blog. Here are Five Things I Struggle With As A Blogger.

Time Management

I have been asked a lot of times how I maintain two blogs with a full-time job and while doing side hustles. I don’t really know. And to be honest I don’t consider myself as a productive blogger because I lack time management. I have weeks when I don’t publish  at all or post an average blog with ugly photo. I struggle a lot when it comes to time management.

Mastering the art of managing your time as a blogger is hard work. You need to be aware on what needs to get done. You need to set deadlines continuously. You need to realize that your can only function with your active participation. Having a Bullet Journal helped me a lot to understand my duty as a blogger. I had this space to plan my content, to set my to do list and to jot down my ideas. It seriously changed my blogging game. READ: Things I’m Doing Differently On My Blogs


It is so hard to juggle blogging with a full-time job especially on my situation where I actively maintain two blogs. As much as I want to be consistent in publishing post everyday, achieving my blog goals and doing my tasks on time --- I always fall short of my efforts. Procrastination hits me hard. My post How I Achieve Blogging Peace with a Full-Time Job details the things I did to at least keep my sanity as a blogger. It is the things I learned to do in the last four years to become a more productive blogger.


I have always wanted to create a brand out of this blog. The same branding I was able to achieve on my personal finance blog, SavingsPinay. I struggle a lot finding the right path for IzzaGlino because it talks a wide-range of topic. At first I post mainly about makeup and my OOTDs then came skincare reviews and beauty tips for Pinays. I also soon shared my passions including books, blogging and bullet journaling and a whole lot more of topics. I slowly lose the branding that I want to achieve.

Below are some action items I did to slowly achieve a so-called "branding" in the blogsphere:
  • Focus on the following topics: Makeup & Skincare, My Passions (Books, Blogging, Bullet Journal and Event Hosting), My Life and Singleness which will consist of stories, devotionals and thoughts from yours-truly.
  • Bought our current theme and use pink, white and black as main colors.
  • Slowly changed each post image with the same layout. I am actually glad I did this though it's a lot of work for me. I still have to change 350++ posts in the next days to come.
  • Practice my blogging voice. I read a ton of blog inspirations on a daily basis and I love how authentic their voice can be. I knew if I just write with my heart (cheesy hehe) I’ll surely develop my own voice too.

Social Media Marketing

Last week I decided to delete my official Facebook Page for this blog. I lost the engagement that my followers need plus it only survive because of automation. (IFTTT for the win). How do you really market your blog on social media? I don’t have idea at all and I know it is the area where I struggle the most as a blogger.

Anyway my plan is to create a Facebook Page that will really become a hub for the readers of the blog. I want to post consistently and become relatable. I am also thinking of creating a Pinterest account alongside the Facebook Page because it has a lot of potential traffic too. I also need to improve my Instagram game since I lack post since I got back from my  Caramoan Trip. Quick question what social media do you own as a blogger? Feel free to send your links in the comment section below.


As a Journalism graduate and a technical n by profession I admit that I still commit grammar and spelling mistakes in my blog. I even received a message from a colleague reminding me of the difference between it’s and its as well as quiet and quite. I read my posts in the past  and squirm on how I use small letter “i” on more than a handful of posts. Shame!!! I also struggle when it comes to subject-verb agreement especially on my Life Lately and Monthly Recaps. Poor me. Can you recommend an online grammar checker for free?

What do you struggle the most as a blogger?

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