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My Mt. Talamitam Day Hike Experience

Last January 14, I climbed up my first summit for 2017 and third summit ever. I honestly missed climbing because the last time I hiked was my April 2016 Mt. Daraitan experience. There's something about being close to the nature and experiencing the adrenaline as you climb up a mountain that makes me happy inside. I felt motivated and moved with this new bucket list unlocked. 

Today I will share how my Mt. Talamitam Day Hike went and share more stories and more photos that I wish will motivate you to go up on a mountain too.

You will easily see this jump-off sign at Sitio Bayabasan.

For the details, instructions how to go, itinerary and expenses breakdown please go to my personal finance blog SavingsPinay. Post title is The Ultimate Guide to Mt. Talamitam Day Hike

Required registration at Jump Off Site. 40pesos registration fee
Mt. Talamitam is part of the many mountains in Batangas. You can even do a twin hike since it is near to Mt. Batulao. I went with Armstrong, my high school classmate and it was only the two of us for the whole trip. I got scared at first since it was only my third hike but Armstrong did a pretty good job organizing the hike. Our meet up time was 9am and our meet up place was Jolibee-Buendia and we had breakfast first before going to Batangas. 

For the details, instructions how to go, itinerary and expenses breakdown please go to my personal finance blog SavingsPinay. Post title is The Ultimate Guide to Mt. Talamitam Day Hike

Let the hike begin!

Meet Emerson who became our wonder guide during the Mt. Talamitam traverse.
Thank you Emerson for showing us the way.

Getting a bus to Nasugbu was difficult on a Saturday noon and we had to wait almost an hour and a half just to get on. It took us two hours to arrive at the Mt. Talamitam jump-off site located in Sitio Bayabasan Barangay Aga. This is a known place for DLTB  bus conductors so you won't have to worry. 

It was my first time to hike in the afternoon 2:30pm and since it was only me and Armstrong medyo natakot ako na maabutan kami ng dilim. Good thing it was an easy hike and we were at the summit already by 4:30pm. Our descent was the only worrisome part because the sun already set before we arrived the jump off site. 

There's a hanging bridge you need to cross. Medyo nakakatakot siya pero keri lang.
Go Armstrong!!!
Emerson was the little wonder who became our instant guide. At first Armstrong didn't want to hire a guide. He insisted that Mt. Talamitam has an easy trail and we will definitely find our way to the summit. But there was a detour at the start that got us confused. Thankfully Emerson along with his friends were at the area. We did ask where the entry to the summit was and was surprised to find out that we were going on the wrong direction. Since Emerson was also going to the summit we asked if we can join him and he agreed right away. Thank you Emerson.

Yes indeed there are more plain terrain rather than assault. Kahit ako nagulat sa dali niya.

The view is soooooo magnificent. 

Yung nakikita niyo bundok sa yan yung Mt. Talamitam summit. After the plain terrain super bilis na lang pa-summit
Mt. Talamitam was a perfect beginner's hike. Compared to Mt. Manabu and Mt. Daraitan I had more fun with Mt. Talamitam. I didn't feel that exhausted at all and I could easily catch my breath because it has more plain terrain than assault. I also get to enjoy the view and breathe the fresh air in the area. I was reminded of the kindness my fellow mountaineers just like my very first climb. Every time we pass through a fellow hiker hindi mawawala yung pagsasabi ng "Good Afternoon po, Ingat po". It feels so nice to know how thoughtful Pinoys can be. 

Almost near the summit. Emerson did a great job taking in this picture

with Armstrong
Quick Side Story. We did our Mt. Talamitam a week after Angel Locsin did hers so the story was still fresh in the area. While we were at the summit the vendor of halo-halo shared that Angel Locsin didn't agree to order halo-halo because she is the current endorser of Mang Inasal. She was afraid that there might be pictures and it would become a big issue.

Our descent went smooth although we were already out of light. Emerson did accompany us until we were close to the jump-off. If only we took the bus going to Nasugbu at least an hour earlier then we would probably descent just before the sun sets. I had so much fun Mt. Talamitam day hike experience. I thank Armstrong for accompanying me. As usual we took a bath and rest for a bit at the jump-off site before doing the rest of our itinerary.

At the summit!!!

Sobrang lakas ng hangin sa taas.
After hike we went for much needed dinner. We rode a bus going to Tagaytay Olivarez and settled at Diner's. The meal we had  was really delicious. We ordered kare-kare, sisig, ensaladang mangga and asked for some bulalo soup. Diner's offers good food at reasonable price and I will definitely go back here.

Fresh lang ang peg :)

Serious mode on dahil gutom na :)

Ensaladang Mangga and Kare-Kare

Sisig and Bulalo Soup
We also had a mandatory coffee at Starbucks Olivarez. What a better way to end the tiring day hike by having chillax coffee session together. Love how the weather in Tagaytay at night makes me chill to my core. It was nice to talk about how our hike went plus our plans for the future. 

For the details, instructions how to go, itinerary and expenses breakdown please go to my personal finance blog SavingsPinay. Post title is The Ultimate Guide to Mt. Talamitam Day Hike.

Thank you for the great shots Arms :)
Overall it was such a fun filled Saturday. Mt. Talamitam is worth the recommendation. If you are looking for an easy hike to do with your barkda then this is definitely a good choice. You can also book a good budget hotel like Canyon Cove Day and Spa or Sukitel Budget Hotel if Mt. Talamitam is just part of your weekend adventure. Of course you can always do an overnight hike if you are up to the thrill and adventure. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have you been to Mt. Talamitam?

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