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New Shawill Matte Lip Gloss in #2 Review

I have a recent discovery from Shawill Cosmetics. You all know how much I love Shawill. I have shared about this local makeup brand for a couple of times already. They created one of my holy grail BB Cream --- Shawill BB Collagen as well as my favorite brow product --- Shawill 2-Way Eyebrow Cake. Hands down Shawill has been stepping up its game when it comes to quality makeup for affordable price.

Last January 2, I did my first shopping for 2017 and found out this new item from Shawill called Shawill Matte Lip Gloss. They have about six to seven shades available but the one that caught my attention was Shade #2. Today I will share to you my review of this newest matte lipgloss available in the local department store.

Product Information

Shawill Matte Lip Gloss is part of the Premium Mineral makeup line of Shawill Cosmetics. According to the packaging, this is a pro-matte revolution lipstick. Claiming high impact color, velvet matte finish and all-day comfort. 


The Shawill Matte Lipgloss is available for 188pesos and you get 4.5 grams amount of lip product.

How to Use

Apply starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to outer edges of your lips, following the contour of your mouth. Then glide across from the bottom lip and fill in.

My Experience

The Shawill Matte Lipgloss in Shade #2 is an intense peachy nude coral lipstick. I definitely got in love at first sight (and first swatch). It comes in an elegant plastic glass packaging with gold detailing. Looks very fancy to be honest. 

Unlike Jazzy Cooper Jazzy Lustrous Lip Gloss, the Shawill Matte Lipgloss DOES NOT oxidize on my lips. It dries same with the color as swatched. What you see on the tube is very close to the color pay-off. For comparison purposes the Shawill Matte Lipgloss in Shade #2 is like the liquid lipstick version of Maybelline Creamy Matte Liptick in shade Clay Crush (check here).

Pigmentation-wise the Shawill Matte Lipgloss is amazing. One swipe is enough to cover the top lip and another for the lower lip. You can easily build the pigmentation because much to my surprise this matte lipgloss is highly buildable. Sometimes I wait for my first application to dry before putting another layer. Other times I simply swipe as many layer as I can. 

The Shawill Matte Lipgloss in Shade #2  has a tendency to dry your lips and settle on your lip lines but I assure you that its not heavy at all when worn. The claim of all day comfort is real. I even forget that I have a liquid lipstick on at some point. This dries ultra matte by the way and is both smudge-proof and kiss-proof as well.

The product also has fragrant scent like melon when applied but it won't bother you at all. The Shawill Matte Lipgloss in Shade #2 stays for a good 5-6 hours.

Another great thing that made me so hooked about this lip product is the fact that I don't have a hard time whenever I remove it on my lips. The formula of this matte lipgloss can be easily removed by tissue or wet wipes unlike the Jazzy Collection in Ice Princess where I need to exert a lot of effort. 

What I Love About the Product?

  • PRICE!!! Such an affordable product
  • Color selection is amazing
  • Local matte lipgloss that will satisfy your hunger for liquid lipstick for a fraction of price compared to others
  • Kiss proof, smudge proof
  • Dries ultra matte
  • Easily removed by common makeup remover
  • Very pigmented

What I Don't Love?

  • Has tendency to look "too much" for day to day use
  • Needs to be reapplied
10-15 minutes after application

After 2-3 hours


Shawill did it again in my opinion. I have no regrets whatsoever in buying this lipgloss. I love the color, the formula and the overall glow it gives whenever I use it. I don't know why I don't see raves about this line on the online beauty community but I hope this review gives you an idea on how good this matte lipgloss from Shawill is. If you are not into Matte Lipglosses I highly suggest getting Shawill's Vivid Lipgloss instead.

Have you tried the New Shawill Matte Lip Gloss?

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