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Current My Lips But Better Lipsticks #MLBB

Today I will be sharing to you the lipsticks I use on my lips but better days. You may have seen the swatch if you follow me on Instagram and here on the blog I will spill more details. I believe every girl deserves that My Lips But Better shade, something reliable and wearable on every occasion no matter how casual or formal it may be. Let’s begin

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Dusky Rose

I stopped buying Ever Bilena lipsticks since trying one of their classic matte in Mauvey. I don’t love the formula at all, very dry and makes me look pale. But when I saw an Instagram post about Ever Bilena’s Dusky Rose I feel in love at first sight. The color looks like a perfect match with Maybelline’s Touch of Spice which at that moment was the talk of the town. Dusky Rose is a very rich muted reddish brown color that will give your lips the life it deserves. The formula is much better compared to the once I bought before and can even compete with those of higher price.

Fashion 21 in All Day Bronze

This is another talk of the town lipstick when I bought it. Well the hype is real because Fashion 21 in All Day Bronze proved to be a good addition in my lipstick collection. This is never drying on my lips, creamy enough without much tagging and lasts longer than my expectation.  All Day Bronze is my go-to for those days when I needed something that will flatter my lips but still look natural. READ: Fashion 21 All Day Matte Lipstick in Sushi Review

LA Girl Cosmetics in Rendezvous

This is the least matte out of My Lips But Better collection but I still love it. The LA Girl Cosmetics in Rendezvous is very easy to use  and although it is sheen formula, it still gives color. This comes off easily so you need reapplication throughout the day but if you are going out for a quick errand or to the mall Rendezvous will do justice.

Pinkies Collection in Bark

This is my very first My Lips But Better lipstick and is part of my first Current Matte Lipstick Collection post last year. I have my full respect and recommendation with this Pinkies Collection in Bark. It is the creamiest formula ever. The color payoff is amazing and just the shade itself is “LIFE”. I received a number of compliments whenever I use. It is simple yet amazing on the lips.

MAC Cosmetics in Mehr

This MAC Cosmetics in Mehr is a much pinkier version of Every Bilena’s Dusky Rose so using this not only gives me the MLBB look but also that innocent style I crave. The perfect pinkish-mauvey lipstick to go on a first date (a someday-maybe for me) or even every day at work. You can check my Instagram for the photo on how this lipsticks looks on me.

MAC Cosmetics in Taupe

I didn’t include this in the above list because I don’t use this on an everyday basis. I reserve this on special occasion or whenever I host weddings and events. This is the ultimate Nude for morena’s and can accommodate that My Lips But Better days well. READ: My First MAC Lipstick in Taupe

Avon Ultra Absolute in Wild Berry

I almost forget how much I used this back in 2015. This Avon Ultra Absolute in Wild Berry has been part of my favorites for straight three months back then. What I love about this is how it shows the most natural red color on my lips. Not intimidating at all and works like a balm and stain in one.

That’s it on my list. How about you, what’s your favorite My Lips But Better Lipstick?

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