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My Baguio OOTD

Today I'd like to share to you my #OOTDs during my stay in Baguio. I haven't done this kind of post for a long time and I miss sharing mystyle inspirations in this blog. 

Last March I had one of the most amazing time of my life in Baguio. I spent 4 Days and 3 Nights exploring the famous tourist spots the Summer Capital of the Philippines has to offer and I couldn't be anymore thankful for the opportunity.

Basic Jeans and Turtle Neck | Day 1

3/4 Black Turtle Neck from RTW SM
Jeans from Cinderella
Rubber Shoes from World Balance

For my outfit going to Baguio I opted for a jeans and turtle combination. Mabilis ako lamigin so a turtle neck and basic jeans combination is perfect for me. I wore a running shoes to also combat the coldness in the bus and once we were in Baguio already.

Maxi Skirt | Night 1

Dress from
Scarf from Landmark
Bag from 2358 Korean Store
Sandals from People are People

Almost all of the outfits I brought with me in Baguio were maxi skirts. I love the comfort and elegance that maxi skirts bring. This in particular hugs my body nicely showing off the right curves. I also love how flowy it is. This was my outfit when we went to Mt. Cloud Bookstore, dine at Hil Station and strolled Session Road.

Simple Ensemble | Day 2 Morning

Vest from ukay
Extra Large Baguio Shirt from my sister
Black leggings from Jewels
Running Shoes
For Day 2 morning I went for a simple ensemble. My itinerary in the morning were Burnham Park, Lourdes Grotto and Old Diplomat Hotel. I know I will pespire a lot in the said locations so I wore the simplest OOTD I can. The vest I wore extremes Baguio, right? I bought it years ago but have not worn it even once. Never thought I can wear it someday and Baguio pa. Hope to wear this same vest someday when I go to Korea.

Easy Breezy | Day 2 Afternoon

Mid Crop Top, Long Back Top from Landmark
Same jeans from Day 1
Scarf from Landmark
White sneakers from Noel Bazaar

In the afternoon I went to Camp John Hay, The Mansion and Botanical Garden. I wore something that I will feel a bit breezy to compliment the places I willtour. As much as I want to pair my top with shorts I just can't. The weather in Baguio was sooooo cold.

Strawberry Ready | Day 3

Same black turtle neck from RTW SM
Maxi Skirt
White sneakers from Noel Bazaar

This is my favorite outfit in my entire Baguio trip. It matches with the places I went on my third day in the city. I did strawberry picking at Strawberry Farm La Trinidad on the morning and at Ben Cab Museum in the afternoon. This is also the same outfit I wore during lunch at Cafe by the Ruins which fits the ambiance of the famous restaurant.

For my outfit going back to Manila I chose a Hoodie Dress I got from Surplus. This is nice because I will need something very comfortable for the seven-hour ride back home. I wasn't able to take a photo of my outfit anymore since we were too busy preparing our baggage and buying last minute pasalubongs already.

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