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My Baguio 4Days|3Nights Travel Diary

Let me start of my saying how unplanned my Baguio trip was. The opportunity opened to me on my last week at work. JC, a former colleague offered the idea of coming with her to Baguio as +1 because she got assigned for a survey activity. I agreed right away because it would mean free accommodation for 4 Days and 3 Nights plus I badly needed a vacation before I start working once again.

Day 1 | Baguio Here I Come!!!

On Tuesday morning, just as our bus started to move did it sink in to me that I am really going to Baguio. I have mentioned before that I am not a travel person nor am I a travel blogger. The idea of going places is like a dream to me and I am glad how I slowly make that dream happen. It started with my Tagaytay Trip, Mt. Manabu, Mt. Daraitan (with Tinipak River), Mt. Talamitam, my Pampanga Balloon Festival experience, my unforgettable Caramoan trip and now B-A-G-U-I-O!!!

The peg of my Baguio 4 Days + 3 Nights itinerary is the ever so famous Tadhana. Though I didn’t went to Sagada I still manage to go on the significant spots introduced in the movie. I got to dine in at CafĂ© by the Ruins, got to visit Ben Cab Museum, walked at Session Road among others. I wanted this travel diary to be less words and more photos so I will just briefly describe my experience on each destination we went to.

Upon arrival at Baguio JC and I decided to maximize our evening by going to Casa Vallejo where you can find Mt. Cloud Bookshop and Hill Station. Mt. Cloud Bookshop offers a big collection of Filipino books, magazine, comics and other crafts. You can kill time by  reading or taking photos  inside.

Mt. Cloud Bookshop was endorsed to me by my elementary classmate who just came to Baguio. This place is perfect for book lovers like me. I enjoyed browsing through one of the biggest collection of Filipino books and other literary works.

At Mt Cloud Book

Hill Station, upon my research, is one of the most recommended places to eat when in Baguio. Serving is good for two. The aura of the restaurant also screams pure Filipino heritage and you will definitely take photos inside and outside as well.

Hi there!

Even the interior showcase deep Spanish era presence

The Menu

Our orders at Hill Station

Session Road is very surprising for me. I thought this long stretch is quite and peaceful but it was the complete opposite after all. It is in fact crowded and busy day and night. We also went to Harrison Night Market but we arrived too early. The Harrison Night Market at 12 midnight to 3 am. Sayang kasi I was really hoping to buy some nice ukay-ukay items pa naman.

Session Road!!!!

We saw this sa session road called Hugot Van.

Session Road at night

Day 2 | Baguio's Best Places

The next morning our complimentary buffet breakfast began. It is also nice because we get to eat at the penthouse of the hotel. Citylight offered a variety of Pinoy breakfast favorites from sinangag, eggplant ensalada w/ bagoong, daing, pancake, salad with assorted dressing and bread with either peanut butte or strawberry jam. Of course morning won't be complete without a cup of coffee.

My Day 2 itinerary includes  a ton of famous landmarks in Baguio like Baguio City Hall, Burnham Park, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Old Diplomat Hotel and a lunch at New Great Taste.

Breakfast at Citylight Hotel

Selfie Time
The City Hall of Baguio offers a great top view of the city and just across is the entrance to Burnham Park. At Burnham Park I tried boating for the very first time. I was so actually a bit disappointed seeing the stagnant man-made lake in person because the water is color brown. The boatman who toured me said that it was because of the reconstruction that occurred. There are still many who like me tried the boating since it is a well-loved activity when in Baguio.

Baguio City Hall

View of Burnham Park from Baguio City Hall

Boating at Burnham Lake surprised that the water turned brown here. 

 Brown Lake :(

The famous strawberry taho

After Burnham I went to Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and Old Diplomat Hotel. Grotto features the famous 300-step. You need to climb up that high before you can reach the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. Once at the top you can also offer silent prayer with candlelight.

Welcome to Lourdes Grotto

These steps will be very tiring promise. Dapat malakas tuhod mo.

About 20-25 minute walk from Grotto is the Dominican Hill where the Old Diplomat Hotel is located. The place is said to be a home of scary creatures with its rich history way back the World War 2. Honestly based on my experience, being inside Old Diplomat is a little shady even if I went when the sun is still up. You feel like someone is watching you from afar. I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Still, you can’t miss coming to this Baguio tourist spot for it's a good place to take beautiful souvenir photos.
A place to pray 

Diplomat Hotel 

Gallery inside Old Diplomat Hotel depicting the Dominican era

The Food Hive inside Diplomat Hotel. Hindi pa sila bukas 

For lunch we went to New Good Taste Baguio which is known for super affordable meals. I enjoyed their sinigang We ordered a bowl of sinigang and it is both yummy and affordable. Right after lunch we decided to go back to the hotel first to get some rest.

My afternoon was then spent at the other famous tourist spots in Baguio. I went to Camp John Hay and had a long walk to explore the area. I also spent time at Chocolate de Batirol for some merienda.

The Menu

Chocolate de Batirol and Bibingka

The many place and adventures to do at The Camp John Hay

Pine Trees

Next on my itinerary were The Mansion, Wright Park and Baguio Botanical Garden. These three were near with each other already so I didn't have a hard time going.

The Mansion Guide

The Mansion

At Wright Park

Baguio Botanical Garden
At Dinner we decided to dine in at Wood Nymph Korea Restaurant. It feels amazing to conclude a long and tiring day of going places with korean beef.


Day 3 | Strawberry Picking at La Trinidad and BenCab Museum

I had such a memorable experience strawberry picking in Strawberry Farm La Trinidad the following day. For 300pesos you can already pick and choose a kilo worth of fresh strawberries. You are also entitled of unlimited free taste as you do the strawberry picking.  Aside from the strawberries I also spent time for picture taking in the flower garden.

Busy picking strawberries

I tell you these strawberries are the sweetest
Flower garden inside Strawberry Farm La Trinidad

Kawaii :)
Right after Strawberry Farm La Trinidad I went to Km. 3 La Trinidad where you'll find the most colorful village ever. There's also a hanging bridge where you can take photo. Just a warning though there's a strong foul smell in the area because of the canal.

Hanging Bridge that connects the village to the main road

Bell Church is also found just a few walks from Km 3. La Trinidad so you can also visit the place to have a glimpse of one of the amazing structures in Baguio. Sadly I wasn't allowed to go inside because it was break time when I arrived.

Then we had our lunch at the ever so famous Cafe by the Ruins. This place is so good and we had a great food at reasonable price.

Cafe by the Ruins

The Menu

Fancy presentation for the Ruins Tea but to be honest di ko siya ganun ka type hehe. 


Last stop for my Day 3 trip was Ben Cab Museum. The location of this museum is far from the city. Going via taxi will cost around 300pesos because you will be forced to let the taxi driver wait for you for an hour. Wala na kasi silang makukuhang pasahero pabalik.

Ben Cab Museum found at Km. 6 Asin Road, Benguet

Inside Erotica Gallery

Thankfully I saw an online guide on how to go to Ben Cab museum via commute which I included in the notes below.  BenCab Museum is a must in every Baguio itinerary. I enjoyed spending an afternoon looking at amazing paintings and artworks of notable Filipino artist. Aside from the galleries you can also stay at the beautiful garden found on the ground floor.

Hey there!!!

The garden found on the ground floor of the museum

The view from the veranda of Ben Cab

After BenCab I immediately went back to our hotel to relax. At around 7pm we decided to grab our dinner. Pizza Volante was also part of the must eat places in Baguio so we went to Session Road and got our take out. The price and serving of Pizza Volante is amazing by the way. Perfect sa nagtitipid pero gusto ng legit Italian food like pastas and pizzas.

Pizza is for 120pesos only and pasta for 104pesos
After dinner our plan was to catch the Harrison Night Market but we unexpectedly overslept.

Day 4 | Bye Baguio!!! I Promise to be Back!

Our final day was spent buying pasalubongs at Good Shepherd and Baguio Public Market. I highly suggest going to Baguio Public to get some good deals for your pasalubong. There you'll find a ton of stores selling 3 for 100, 5 for 100, 7 for 100 and even 8 for 100 assorted Baguio delicacies. For lunch we dine in at Sizzling Plate Baguio beside Pizza Volante.

Sizzling Plate Korean Beef
Some Notes from my Baguio Trip

  • For budget and itinerary tips please do visit my blog post in SavingsPinay
  • Taxi in Baguio is surprisingly cheap!!! From the hotel we were staying to Strawberry Farm La Trinidad was only 99pesos. You won't worry taking a cab to the places you want to visit.
  • I really really miss the free breakfast our hotel, Citylight Hotel offers. I love the pancake, bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam and more!!!
  • How to go to Ben Cab? Just take a cab going to Baguio Public Market. You can also walk if your hotel/inn is near/around Session Road or Baguio City Plaza. From the Baguio Public Market ask around where Kayang Street is. Once in Kayang Street go to the jeepney terminal near Julie's Bakeshop. The jeepneys passing Asin Road is what you need to ride with. 
  • For commute guide to the best Baguio tourist spots this blog post will be helpful.
  • Strawberry picking when in Baguio is not exactly a must do but it is definitely fun. I have never really ate strawberries before but tasting them in Baguio is soooooo nice. Very sweet and yummy. 
  • Just love how Baguio landmarks are situated near each other. And blessed with a cool weather you can really walk around the area so you save a lot of money on transpo.
  • As always wag mahihiyang magtanong. I believe I got successfully toured Baguio 4 Days and 3 Nights alone because I don't hesitate to ask the locals. Too bad JC was busy working that time and we only spend time during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • I'm planning of going back next year but probably start with Sagada and hike Mt. Pulag. Baguio will be a side trip instead. 
  • How I wish I can buy a property in Baguio. Love the weather plus how you can wear layered clothes even in the day light. I will also post a Baguio OOTD so please do check it out.
  • Here's my #BaguioAdventure2017 Vlog so you can watch snippets of my Baguio trip:

Baguio has always been on top of the places I want to be and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity.

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