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Goodbye October, Hello November 2017

It's time to recap what happened for the month of October with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month.

October was somewhat busy when it comes to work. There were deadlines everywhere. I had to accomplish a manual, memo and policy!!! In spite of everything I went through I could pretty much say that October was a good month. Below are some of the highlights.

Attending Church Service Again

One of my 18 Before 2018 is to get back on attending church service again. For the longest time, I keep on making excuses why I can’t go to a Victory service. I always feel too busy and too committed to even hear the word of God.

But come last two weeks of September I had enough of the hiatus already. I know deep inside I need to go to church service again. I remember there is a Victory Church in Makati Sports Club every Tuesday 7pm.

I’m also thankful that I have a workmate who attend with me. So far I’ve been attending consistently! This is the biggest achievement in my spiritual life for 2017.

Date with Nica

After a long while I finally bonded again with Nica. Our last date was our Divisoria and sleepover last August which was really fun. For this date we had dinner at Banapple Ayala Triangle and spent the night catching up with each other’s work and life stories.

Still can’t believe we are not workmates a.k.a seated with each other anymore. Oh well, now that we are apart it seems like we became closer than ever. Maybe it's true, distance brings people closer.

First Metro Sports Fest 2017

Another great activity I had for October was attending my very first Sports Fest! And although I didn’t participate in any game or hustle and bustle that day, I was fortunate to be one of of co-host.

It was super fun to lead the whole event and I’m thankful for the recognition and appreciation I got after the Sports Fest ended. I am seriously looking forward for next year’s sports fest!

Stranger Things 2

I’m done watching Stranger Things Season 2 on Netflix and wow, that show is sooooooo freaking good! Every episode is a must watch! I can’t remember how many times I paused just to catch my breath from all the emotions. I particularly enjoyed the latest season over Season 1. It was so epic especially the last episode.

Things I’m Looking Forward Next Month

My Birthday

Well, November is my birth month so I’m hoping it’ll be an awesome month in general. I have great plans to celebrate my birthday with friends, workmates and family as well. If you want to see how my birthday last year went just click here.

It’s also nice because there will be a pretty long weekend after my birthday from November 13 to 15 which are announced as special non-working days for ASEAN. Hopefully I get those extra days productive with all my must-do’s before 2017 ends!

That’s it for the highlights of my October 2017. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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