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5 Self-Help Books I Highly Recommend

I am obsessed with self-help books. If you look into my book collection almost 1/3 of the books I own are all self-help. I have books that teaches me how to write better, manage my time well and devotionals.

Reading self-help books almost always feed my hunger for personal development. I love learning others’ stories, processes and best kept secrets to success.

So today I decided to share my most recommended self-help books to you all. These five books changed how I do what I do.

1. GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

I think it is only fitting to include Amuroso’s memoir in this list of self-help books you should definitely read. I remember getting this book in time for my 17 Books Before 2017 challenge and it was one of the first few books I actually finished.

I saw myself silently jotting down ideas from time to time while reading this book. It is entirely filled with life, money and career lessons that’ll inspire you a lot. You can read the review I published last to get to know Girlboss better.

2. Getting Things Done by David Allen

Getting Things Done works like a textbook on productivity. If you’ve ever wondered how you can manage your time to get things done then this self-help book is the answer.

This book answers the basic questions of what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Its mission is to make you efficient, to introduce you a workflow that will minimize wasted time and effort.

3. The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen

Sage Cohen’s The Productive Writer is the very book that inspired me to hustle smartly when it comes to writing online. If you didn’t know, I work as a freelance content writer on the side and it’s one of the most rewarding side hustle I have ever done.

This is a small and compact book you can finish in one seating. It is written in a way you will easily understand. Cohen introduced an actual day in her life as a freelance writer then gave the helpful tips for those who want to be a freelance writer too.

I highly suggest this book if you ever want to write for extra income.

4. The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

I mentioned tidying up as part of must do’s before 2017 ends. I really want a room makeover!!! I feel like the current situation in my room is not making me productive at all! I have too much clutter everywhere.

In pursuit of some organization I purchased this famous book by Marie Kondo. You can read more on how I got this book for less than 200 pesos in this link. I honestly adore the concept Kondo shared in her The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up book. With this book I was able to declutter my makeup and skincare collection effectively.

I am excited to apply the concept in full to my book collection, clothes and the like.

5. The Approval Fix by Joyce Meyer

I’ve always battled in my addiction for approval of others in everything I do. I always worry about what other people will say to me. I hate the feeling of getting rejected and if I do something good and I’m not recognized I will easily get disappointed.

This attitude caused me a lot of drama especially with my parents and siblings. Reading The Approval Fix by Joyce Meyer turned out to be very helpful for me. I have come to know that what matters most is the approval of God. I should value God's unconditional love over how other people see me. 

Meyer gave away practical insights on how to accept your self as a unique individual, God's creation. 

That's it for my most recommended self-help books. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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