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10 Beautiful Worship Songs for Your Quiet Time with God

For this Sunday morning read, I’d like to share the 10 worship songs to play in your quiet time with God.

These are the same songs I listen to whenever I do my quiet time with the Lord. These songs simply make me in tune, set the the tone and make me in the one with the Holy Spirit.

The very songs that allow me to really surrender completely in the presence of God.

Worship is an act of adoration and an essential part not just in every church service but also during our personal quiet time with God. I pray (alive and aloud) during worship songs. I really cry out and acknowledge God’s presence with me, beside me.

There are A LOT of beautiful worship songs to play in your quiet time with God and below are my top 10 (currently, as I may add more in the months/years to come).


  1. Fire Burns by Jon Owens


Don't wanna go back Lord to the way I used to live,
the way I used to live
I won't go back, Lord to the way I used to be
before you rescued me

That first two lines hit never fail to make me emotional every single time. The moment I hear those lines I feel absolute humility to God. That Lord please be close to me as I stay close to you for I don’t wanna go back to way I used to live and the way I used to be.

Even the chorus will move you, that acknowledgement of the fire that burns within me and may it continuously burn within me.

2. Word Fulfilled - Wholehearted

One of the unforgettable series we had in Victory Makati was the Wordview series. It was an 8-week series about the Word of God and why we need to devote ourselves to study, obey, and apply God's word.

It was during the same service that I heard the song Word Fulfilled and it became the anthem of my quiet time. The song truly speaks a great amount of praise to God especially towards the end where you will repeat the lines “Yeshua, Yeshua our healer Yeshua, Yeshua redeemer. Yeshua, Yeshua our risen king”.

3. All I Desire - Victory Worship


How can I forget You? How can I forget You?
How can I forget the love that set me free?
Jesus, I surrender, Jesus, I surrender
Open up my heart to all Your plans for me

This is my current go to song when I am feeling lonely and becoming weary as when His promises for my life fulfilled. This song truly comforts me from the inside and reassures me of my position in Christ. Whenever I hear it, specially the bridge part, I will suddenly burst out in tears.

4. All I’m After by Mid-Cities Worship


The bridge of this song goes something like this:

There's nothing that my heart wants more than You
You are all I'm after
There's nothing that I'm holding back from You
You are all I'm after

Then the chorus starts is a repeat of:

You are good, always...
You are good, always…

Kung hindi ka ba naman ma-in love sa lyrics na yan ewan ko na lang. All I’m After is also one of the moving song I’m current playing during my quiet time with God. Almost every line feels like something is poking in my heart.

What a lovely reminder of how good God is always. That He never even once changed. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

5. He Loves Us by Jesus Culture


This is another song that will truly humble you before God. It reassures God’s love and how He loves us so much. The very first line says, He is jealous for me (Exodus 34:14) and something that will make me blush as well.

God’s character of being jealous for us is not the sinful jealousy but rather care. He doesn’t want us to have any other gods or idols before Him. There should be no one and nothing that’s taking away our focus/time/love from God.

Such a great song to play in your quiet time. And actually was the very first song that I fell in love with and replayed so much when I was a new Christian.

6. Beautiful Love by Victory Worship


Beautiful Love is the very story of the Cross and what Jesus did 2000 years ago. Long before we fall short from the glory of God, we sin and the penalty for our sins is death. But God initiated a solution for us to be right again with Him. He gave up His only Son Jesus to die the death we should have died. With Jesus’ death we received salvation and reconciliation.

This, my friends, is a beautiful love indeed.

So glorious
Came down unashamed, You called me Yours
Caught up in Your grace, You're all I need
There's nothing more beautiful than Your love


7. Pour Us Out - Every Nation Worship


This is a song I will never forget during the Make Room Series at church. The Make Room series has been a transformational series for me and I count as my favorite series to be honest. It was during this series that I understood the power of the Holy Spirit that is in me.

Pour Us Out is in one of the songs sang during the service that enabled me to just be in one with the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, draw me near
Holy Spirit we are here
To seek Your face
And know Your ways

8. In Your Name - Victory Worship


My hope you restore, your promise is sure
And I am convinced that you are faithful
All things are possible in your name
All shadows are lost, Your light's breaking through
Shaken no more, I see only You

Another great worship song that echoes what’s on my heart. Almost every line amplifies love for for God and I really enjoy having my quiet time with this song playing in the background.

In Your Name is a song of adoration, of full acknowledgement on God’s amazing grace.

9. Safe - Victory Worship


The very first version of this song I watched and fell in love with was Moira’s. It is such a beautiful that one will find comfort with. The kind of worship song you will play at times when you are brokenhearted, feeling rejected, sad and lonely.

I found my fortress, in You
And my soul is anchored, with You
My resting place, is in Your name
Forever safe

10. Make Room - Every Nation Music/Victory Worship


As I’ve mentioned earlier, Make Room has been a transformational series for me. It was the very series where I humbled and fully surrendered everything to God through Jesus Christ and had an encounter with Holy Spirit. It was truly an unforgettable series.

Make Room is part of the playlist during the series and it the very essence of what the series is all about. We have to make room for the Holy Spirit. We have to tap up to the Holy Spirit to show us the way, to guide our actions and to release us from being slave of our sins.

We make room for Your Spirit
We make room for You to move
Laying down every single burden
We decrease for more of You
We make room for Your Spirit
We make room for You to move
Open our eyes to see Your glory

Drawing us deeper into You

What's your favorite worship song on your quiet time with God?

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