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My Favorite True Crime Podcasts of All Time

Hi everyone!

In today’s post I will be sharing to you my favorite true crime podcasts of all time.

I’ve always been vocal on how much I adore true crime as a genre. I enjoy reading books about it as well as watching true crime documentaries.

What I enjoy the most is the twists and turns of the event. And the fact that it happened in real life adds another layer of excitement in my part.

The good thing about podcasts is you can listen while doing something else. I normally listen to a true crime at work especially during dead hours in the office to wake up my senses.

Anyhow without further ado here are my top recommendations when it comes to true crime podcasts.


If Making a Murderer started my obsession with true crime documentaries, Serial is the counterpart for podcasts.

Serial started everything I know and love about true crime genre.

Serial currently has two seasons but I consider Season 1 to be the best season ever.  Season 1 about the murder of Hae Min Lee and as to whether her ex-boyfriend from high school Adnan Syed’s did it or not shook the entire podcast community in 2015.

I repeated the whole season 1 multiple times since I first heard it in 2015.

What makes Serial stand out is the thorough reporting done by its host, Sarah Koenig. She knows how to navigate the story in such a way that it leaves you wanting more. This is such an amazing podcast and if there’s one in this list I want you to start listening to it will be Serial.

Favorite Episode – EVERYTHING FROM SEASON 1!


I discovered Criminal a little later than Serial. Unlike Serial, each episode covers a different story from those who have committed a crime, became victim of a crime or has an interesting story to tell. Each episode last between 25 minutes to 45 minutes is each time unlike Serial so there’s no need to listen to everything again.

Favorite Episode – Episode 38 Jolly Jane

48 Hours

This is the podcast counterpart of the US hit TV-Docu series called 48 Hours. I like this podcast because listening to it seems like watching the drama too. The editing is good and the voices you will hear will surely tickle your senses. 48 Hours features high profile crimes like O.J. Simpson and death of Natalie Wood among others.

Favorite Episode - The Bugs Bunny Defense

The Mind of a Murderer

This podcast is rather different. Instead of focusing on the crime that occurred and what happened to the victims, The Mind of a Murderer features a channeling interview by criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward to cold blooded murderers.

To have that perspective from a murderer as to what he/she did what he/she did, what prompted his/her and what truly happened before, during and after is amazingly presented in every episode.

Favorite Episode - All episodes of Season 1

The Vanished

It covers person or persons who mysteriously vanished/disappeared, one episode at a time.  The Vanished includes interviews from families, friends and loved ones left sharing what happened before the victim disappeared.

What I also enjoy are the theories being shared toward the end on what might have happened based on the available evidence, updates from possible sightings and tips.

Already Gone

Already Gone is very similar with The Vanished. Although they also feature episodes wherein the victim was found murdered.The format, style and direction of each podcast episode is very similar that sometimes I don’t notice anymore I’m listening to the other.

Favorite Episode - Episode 65 | Death of Annie Le


True crime is a genre I enjoy not just watching but also reading and listening as well.  I love the twists and turns of an actual crime and the details that surrounds “who-did-what”.

Do you listen to true crime podcast too? 
What’s your favorite?

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