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Goodbye August, Hello September 2018

It's time to recap what happened for the month of August with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month.

August 2018 was an okay month in general. We had one birthday celebration, my eldest sister. I also had an opportunity to attend my first Leader’s Huddle at Victory Makati. I also met with my best friend Nica after such a long time. We spent an afternoon talking about life and love over at Serendra.

Victory Makati Leader’s Huddle

This is my first time to attend Leader’s Huddle as part of Victory Makati. It’s a night where leaders from Victory Groups and active volunteers come together to get insights on what is happening to the community. 

There are a lot of changes that will occur in Victory Makati as a church in preparation for our move to Alphaland Makati and I am stoked how God will unfold the rest of 2018 for us. 

Aside from the discussion led by the Pastors there was also a time where we were encouraged to share our faithful stories. I was inspired by the men and women who shared God’s faithfulness in their own life. 


From stories of breakthroughs from the recent Mid Year Prayer and Fasting to financial provision in the midst of an almost a million peso hospital bill. What a great God, God is for all of us. I am reminded of His grace that night when I surrendered all of my life to Him. At an instant I was healed. 

Blessings upon blessings my spiritual life was restored. What a great way to end the year. 

Thank you for my Victory Group leader Ms. Maui for being with me throughout and inspiring me to become better.

My name tag and my leader's name tag during the Leader's Huddle

Ate Malen’s Birthday Celebration

Here’s to a fulfilling dinner at Yakimix! I think this has got to be our family tradition. Once a year we dine at Yakimix for whoever birthday is possible. We are 10 in the family so imagine how much dinner at Yakimix would cost us, haha. That’s why we can only do it once a year :)

This year it was my eldest sister, Ate Emalyn’s birthday and it was indeed a great night for everyone. 
Volunteers Week 2018 

Our previous Yakimix Dinner - August 2015, November 2017

Volunteers Week 2018 

Another church activity I attended this month of August was the Volunteers Week. I volunteered as part of Communications Ministry to encourage attendees to be part of our ministry. 

This is another first time event for me so I was a bit nervous and panicky. Thankfully I had with me my co-volunteers who helped me overcome my anxiety.

Communications Ministry is my first ever ministry since becoming a part of Victory church. I never really thought of joining one before because I always felt busy. This year was truly transformational because I finally gave up the constant “I’m busy” excuse to serve God. 

Volunteering became a way to use my skills to glorify God. And He is generous enough to provide me enough time to do whatever I have to do. 

Date with Nica

Finally after about three months I saw Nica again. The last time we bonded was during our trip in Seoul, South Korea. After that we didn’t see much due to different schedule at work. 

August is Nica’s birth month and I am happy to spend quality time with her to really update each other with everything. I enjoyed eating at Wendy’s Market! Market!, strolling Fully Booked Serendra and drinking coffee at Coffee Bean. 

What an amazing night it has been. We will probably see each other again on my birth month, November. :)

It is so good that even if we don’t talk or meet every single day, every other weeks, when we do, it’s as if we didn’t stop talking. We can really bond like it was just yesterday when we last met each other.

Thank you Nica for being my friend.

Things I’m Looking Forward for September 2018

Purple Book Class 

I am attending a Discipleship Class at church this September called Purple Book. I am so excited to do this since last time I wasn’t able to participate because the weeknights class was cancelled.

The Purple Book Class is a classroom set up offered in the church to build a stronger foundation on every Christian’s life. I was able to first answer the book back in 2010 when I had my Victory Weekend but it was only this year that I signed up for the actual class. 

I will be coming home late every Tuesdays and Thursdays of September but no regrets because this is such a good investment in my spiritual life. I am excited to learn more and to ge to know God’s life, His promises even better.

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