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Noel Bazaar 2019 Experience + Haul

I can’t believe it’s my 5th year attending Noel Bazaar.

My best friend Nica invited me to with her five years ago and I immediately said yes. It was my first ever bazaar experience and quickly became a yearly thing for us. 

I think we all love shopping in some way or another. And Noel Bazaar is one of the biggest and most awaited bazaars there is in the Metro. It offers a wide array of products from clothing, accessories, perfumes, tools etc. for different price ranges. 

They also open in the busiest season of the year, November to December, making it a venue for shopping gifts to friends and loved ones. 

Every year, both Nica and I set aside a budget we try to follow. 

Mine was Php 2000 and here are the items I got.

Aldo Overrun Bag

The very first item I’m excited to share with you is this Aldo overrun bag I got from one of the stores in Noel Bazaar. We say their stall and they sell different types of Mango and other branded bags for just Php 500 (as clearly seen in their tarpaulin)We tried to look around their items for a couple of minutes but I was trying to find a work bag that is big enough to fit my laptop. 

I was about to give up and move on to the next stall, I spot the bag I wanted. The color was tan, very minimalist style, long handle plus it was huge enough which could surely fit a 14-inch laptop. 

The problem though was another customer was holding on to the bag. I asked the store owner if there was still the same style in stock and was told it was the last one. I was about to lose hope for the second time when the bag holder handled me the bag saying I can have it if I wanted it.

I was ecstatic. I said thank you for a couple of times and was now waiting for Nica to pick her bag of choice and pay. Then when we were about to pay, the store owner informed us that the bag I was holding was Php 700 since it was Aldo. 


That’s close to a thousand already in just 10 minutes of being in the bazaar. Haha.

But since I really wanted a work bag plus Nica’s support (iba talaga pag-kaibigan, kinukunsinte namin ang isa’t isa sa pag-gastos. HAHA), I bought it.

When I got home I searched for the price of Aldo bags. I couldn’t find the exact name of the bag I got but from the size, it may have retailed for Php 3500 to Php 4500. So I did feel some kind of relief. 

Days later, I found out what the damage of the bag was. It had an undetectable dirt marks at the back. I tried cleaning it with leather cleaner but it can’t be removed. 

So yep, that’s for my first Noel Bazaar 2019 haul, an Aldo overrun bag for just Php 700.

A Polka Dot Sleeveless Dress

I got this from the store that sells 2 for 350 clothing. The shop has been in Noel Bazaar almost every year and they sell really nice items. 

Last year, I got a denim jacket and Nica bought another item for us to complete the promo. 

This year, I was able to buy a polka dot sleeveless dress which could definitely be a nice date outfit. I can partner the denim jacket with it to make it casual or pair it with heels for the evening. 

It was so pretty that I wore it as my New Year’s Eve dress. 

A Ton of Accessories

Majority of what I got in Noel Bazaar 2019 were accessories. It started with this stall where you can buy different earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings for only Php 20. And I’m telling you, the quality of the earrings were no joke. I saw some price tags in dollars ranging from $15 to $25 a piece. 

Apparently, the owner works in the US and will go back in the States for good so is now selling all her items for a really low, low price. 

Nica and I got five pieces each of different accessories. I got myself three earrings, a necklace and bangles. For Php 100 in total, it was such a steal.

On the next shops I got myself a layered gold necklace for Php 150, a set of earrings for Php 100 and a ring with a huge pearl for Php 100. 

The Php 20 a piece accessories. 
Layered necklace (3-piece)

A set of earrings

A ring

White Button Down Shirt

Another exciting piece I got for myself was the white button down shirt from a store that sells all white button down shirts. 

I’ve always read how a plain white button down shirt should be in every lady’s closet but I always skip buying it because of the price. It’s not as easy to find one that fits you like a glove, highlighting parts of your body that should be lifted. 

Luckily, at a third attempt I found exactly what I needed. It was a really pretty white button down with sleeves that can be comfortable rolled up if I want to. 

The size just fits me, it is not too small, not too big. I feel like it can go with different type of bottoms depending on what the occasion is. 

And I got it for just Php 100. 

Aloe Vera Cold Wax 

My sister long before encouraged me to try out Aloe Vera Cold Wax but since it can only be ordered online and I’m too lazy to process things, I almost forgot about it. Thankfully, I saw it in one of the stores in Noel Bazaar and was sold for only Php 120. I haven’t used it yet but will surely blog about it as soon as possible. 


I spent a total of Php 1845 in my Noel Bazaar 2019 experience. We also spent almost Php 150 for snacks inside the bazaar. Right after the bazaar, we went to Manaam to have some dinner and talk about life updates. 

That’s it for my Noel Bazaar 2019 Experience, Year 5.

Have you ever been to Noel Bazaar?

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