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My Noel Bazaar Experience

I've never been to a bazaar ever. So when my best friend Nica invited me to go with her during the Noel Bazaar at World Trade Center I immediately said yes.

My goal is to buy things that I know I will never find on the usual stores and as thrifty/discounted as possible. Fortunately, Noel Bazaar offers a whole lot of great shopping experience.

We paid 50pesos entrance fee upon entering the hall I was a little stunned. There were over a hundred stalls in the area. Its funny too that I pretty much know the place already because in my current job I created a Site Design Plan of World Trade Center for a particular project.

Anyhow, since Nica is more pro when it comes to bazaar shopping I followed her lead. The goal was to visit each and every stall from first lane to the last.

I was a bit hesitant at first but it seemed to be a fun experience so with much excitement we roamed the hall together.

First buy of the afternoon were the super cute makeup pouch and tote bags/sako bags. I love how it says "This bag contains my face" which will surely be my makeup bag from now on. The tote bag is also love for it has "coffee" in it and that's one I can't live without.

Its nice to see a lot of people in the venue. Walking between the spaces for each stall was a bit chaotic but fun at the same time. 

I was able to buy a lazy pod for just 100pesos which was a eureka moment for me because for the longest time there were stalls selling me for 250pesos and 300pesos.

So, TIP #1 Be patient in searching because other stalls may give you the same product for a much cheaper price.

I also bought a belt since I never had a belt ever and I wanted to try some tucked in outfits. Bought it for 100pesos too. 

Also bought Bible highlighters since the one I am using for the longest time got lost. Bought 2 for 70pesos which I think is a good deal considering that I bought from a Christian store and the highlighter doesn't bleed at all. 

Nica and I found one cool item during the Noel Bazaar which was a pair of matching sando and boxer shorts good for sleeping time. They were for sale for just 120pesos and packaged as a good gift. It was super nicely presented.

At past lunch time there were a mini program at the stage where items from Kapuso artists were being auctioned. Ruru Madrigal and Julian Trono performed. Bean Binene was on the venue too but we weren't able to catch her performance because we  were resumed in our per stall visit.

Of course, knowing my obsession and as an addition to my collection, a big chunk of what I bought were makeups. I saw stalls that carry US makeups for much cheaper price. 

I was able to buy a mascara from 2 LA Girls Concealer, Wet N' Wild, Benefit Feelin' Cheeky Trio, Beauty Blender, Brush Egg Cleaner, Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Asphalt and Lorea'l Visible Lift Foundation. Honestly, if only I have more money I will just grab every makeup that I like. Sadly, I am also saving my money for the coming holidays. 

I was also delighted to have a taste of the best and the most delicious wintermelon tea ever. Mr. Ube (I believe it's part of Eng Bee Tin's owner) sold this amazing cup of refreshment that tastes so amazing. While writing this post I am actually reminiscing about the taste. Whooo.

We went at around 3pm and left the venue by 9pm. Our goal of visiting every stall was a success though I easily run out of energy. I salute Nica for being the ultimate bazaar queen I know. She really didn't mind the walkathon we did.

My Noel Bazaar experience is unforgettable. It was my first but definitely not the last.

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