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40 Productive Things To During This Lockdown

As of this writing, the entire Luzon has been put into an enhanced community quarantine situation due to the alarming COVID-19 developments. 

The enhanced community quarantine means four important things:

  • Home quarantine will be strictly implemented
  • All mass transport by land, sea or air will be suspended
  • Provisions of food and essential health services for the affected will be regulated
  • There will be heightened presence of uniformed men to enforce the quarantine

I actually haven’t gone out of the house in four days. 

What a week, what a month, what a year it has been for all of us.

The enhanced community quarantine will be implemented until April 14, 2020. Till then for everyone's safety, all are encouraged to stay at home and work from home. 

And because of the extra time we now have, free from the hassle of daily commute to and from work, I thought to share with you a list of productive things we can actually do. A list of things you can do that may have always been on your someday-maybe file for awhile. 

As we wait for our nation and world to heal, let’s use this newfound moment to do the things we’ve always said we will do if only we have “more time”.

In no particular order:

  1. Read and finish a book or two 
  2. Do  a digital clean up on your phone. Delete unwanted photos, unused apps, contacts that are no longer relevant, etc.
  3. Do a social media review on your active accounts whether Facebook or Instagram and start unfollowing accounts that don't speak much to you and your life.
  4. Organize a conference call with your long lost friends
  5. Update your personal finances. It’s time to take note of your net worth, what your assets are minus liabilities!
  6. Make a list of your expenses on a monthly and daily basis.
  7. Make a list of anything you want! Here’s a 7 Lists you can easily recreate.
  8. Start a blog!
  9. Binge listen to your favorite podcasts.
  10. Find time for exercise
  11. Learn a new skill for your job.
  12. Learn a new skill for yourself.
  13. Follow a strict morning and evening skincare routine
  14. Get yourself to Inbox Zero.
  15. Create a vision board
  16. Make a list of all of your friends’ and other important people in your life’s birthdays. 
  17. Organize your room
  18. Organize your vanity area - toss out any expired products, clean your makeup tools and a
  19. Organize your kitchen drawers
  20. Organize your refrigerator
  21. Organize your laptop (work or personal)
  22. Sort our all your clothes
  23. Make an inventory of your current
  24. Film and publish your first Instagram Story
  25. Film and publish your first YouTube video
  26. Establish your ideal morning routine
  27. Establish your ideal evening routine
  28. Start journaling or writing reflections on your day
  29. Take online classes
  30. Binge watch a Netflix show (or more)
  31. Rekindle your relationship with God
  32. Pray
  33. Read a book (or two) in the Bible
  34. Sleep all afternoon, one afternoon!
  35. Learn a new language
  36. Start a bullet journal
  37. Play an instrument
  38. Make a bucket list
  39. Make your own songs playlist for every mood on Spotify!
  40. Start (or finish) an unfinished project you this 2020

Feel free to share your own productive things to do during this challenging time.

May we all continue to pray for the healing of our nation and of the world.

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